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What is the Best Heater for a Basement?

Keeping a basement warm and dry can be a challenge at times depending on how it was built and insulated. There are many ways to heat a basement and maintain a nice comfortable living space. This includes mini-split units, electric heaters, gas, kerosene and more. With the many options, there is no one-size-fits-all unit. Electric… Read More »

What is the for Best Heater for an RV?

Heating an RV very much depends on the source of power you have available. For example, a RV hooked up to a good electric source can easily use electric heating units. Of course, while camping away from a good electric power source propane is likely is a better option. Each have their pros and cons… Read More »

Our Picks for the Best Quietest Space Heater

Space heaters can be great units for heating a room or maintaining warmth but sometimes can be annoying with loud hissing and buzzing noises at times. Most electric space heaters have a fan to dissipate heat into a room and make some noise. There are however units that make little to no noise and can… Read More »

What Is the Best Way to Heat and Cool a Mobile Home?

Heating and cooling a mobile home can defer from a standard home. From the installation of an HVAC system to the build of the mobile home itself some things defer from conventional home. Installation of an air conditioning system into a mobile can often be easier since they are often not set on a slab… Read More »

Buying And Replacing a Furnace Capacitor

Purchasing a furnace capacitor and installing it is easy to do and falls into the do-it-yourself category. Basic precautions need to be taken mainly turning the power off to the furnace as not to get shocked. Furnaces can fall into three categories when it comes to capacitors. Not have a capacitor at all. Some units… Read More »

Our Picks for Best Indoor Heaters for Large Rooms 2019

Large rooms can be difficult to keep warm depending on a few different factors.   Things such a how well insulated a room is and how cold it is outside all can effect how well it stays warm.   Indoor heaters are a great way to help supplement an existing heating and cooling system and… Read More »