What is the Best HVAC Refrigerant Scale?

Having a good refrigerant scale is an important part of any HVAC technicians job. Knowing the exact amount of refrigerant that is added to a system is crucial in getting a job done right. What is an HVAC Refrigerant Scale? An HVAC refrigerant scale measures the amount of refrigerant that has gone into a system… Read More »

Causes and Fixes for AC Unit Buzzing Every Few Minutes

If you have an air conditioner that is buzzing every few minutes, there are several common causes and fixes. Often it is simply a bad part that needs to be replaced, and the buzzing goes away. The first step is to narrow down which component is making the noise and then, if necessary replace it.… Read More »

How to Test Water Column Gauges for Gas Furnaces

What is Water Column? Water Column is how gas pressure is measured. The first devices to measure gas pressure were tubes in a U-shape, half-filled with water. The pressure was applied to one side of the tube from a gas line, and the other side was left open. How far the gas pressure pushed the… Read More »