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HVAC or Heating Ventilation and Air conditioning has been with us for some time now from gas furnaces to cooling the air in our homes. The problem as with anything modern is it cost money when things break. This site is here to help everyone from the at home do-it-yourself person to the beginning HVAC technicians. With articles about troubleshooting HVAC problems.

Reasons an Air Conditioner Compressor Will Not Start

An air conditioning compressor is the heart of an air conditioning unit and can be a real problem if not working. There are many things that can cause a compressor to stop working. Often the compressor is good, but another component has failed, which stops it from working properly. Below is a list of some… Read More »

HVAC Return Air Filter Explained

Return air filters are a necessary part of an HVAC system to keep particles from clogging up a unit. They also keep the air clean inside a home by filtering out small debris. What is an HVAC Return Air Filter? A Return Air Filter keeps dust and other debris from entering a heating and cooling… Read More »

What is The Best Way To Cool a Garage?

Garages can become unbearably hot in the summer, especially in certain climates. If you are stuck working in a hot garage cooling, it down can be done using one of three popular methods. Finding a way to cool down a garage is on everyone’s mind when they are working in it. Since cooling the garage… Read More »

How To Buy a New Furnace Blower Motor and Capacitor

Furnace blower motors and capacitors are straight forward furnace parts that can be swapped out with some basic information. When buying a new furnace blower motor the old blower motor face plate will need to be examined. The tag on the motor will have the needed information Horsepower, RPM, Voltage, and Amps. The model number… Read More »

Our Picks for Best HVAC Tool Bags

Buying an HVAC tool bag is something that very much must fit the user. A tool bag can be the best available and will not be any good unless it feels right to the person using it. Many things can affect this, from the pocket layout to the handles used to carry it about. Everyone… Read More »

Where To Buy R22 Refrigerant

R22 has been phased out in favor of more environmentally friendly refrigerant types such as R134a, R-1234yf, R-152a, and R-744. Since 1995 no new R22 refrigerant can be imported or created under the Montreal Protocol. R22 refrigerant can still be bought since it can be recycled from existing sources. When an HVAC service technician turns… Read More »

Our Picks for Best 120 Volt Electric Garage Heaters

Keeping a garage warm, or at least warmer, is ideal when working during the winter. One of the problems with many garages is they lack a 220-volt outlet to run a heavy duty-heater. 220-volts is ideal for getting the high amps needed to run a commercial-style electric heater. With that said, there are many 120-volt… Read More »

Gas Furnace Sequence of Operation

There are different types of furnaces and furnace manufacturers, but below are the most common steps for a furnace to go through to start. While most furnaces will follow the below sequences, there may be variations in models and manufacturers. Gas Furnace Sequence of Operation The thermostat reaches a set temperature and sends a signal… Read More »