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HVAC or Heating Ventilation and Air conditioning has been with us for some time now from gas furnaces to cooling the air in our homes. The problem as with anything modern is it cost money when things break. This site is here to help everyone from the at home do-it-yourself person to the beginning HVAC technicians. With articles about troubleshooting HVAC problems.

Carrier Mini Split Error Codes List

If you have an error code on a Carrier mini split, the problem can be found by using a code chart. Carrier units will usually display the error code on the unit but can also use LED flashes to point to a problem. Below are the error codes for a Carrier mini split and their… Read More »

What a Thermostat EM Emergency Heat

A thermostat with EM. Heat option, is short for Emergency Heat. Emergency heat is separate from the standard heating system and should only be used when a house is very cold. When EM. Heat is used power usage will go up quickly, which will, of course, will show up on a power bill. Emergency heat… Read More »

What is the Best Ways To Heat a Garage?

Garages are often the last place heat is added in a home, but it can become necessary to have a comfortable work area. Often it depends on the climate for what is the best way to heat an open space such as a garage. For example, what works in the American Southwest likely won’t work… Read More »