What Size Air Conditioner Does A Small Room Need

By | March 19, 2019

Large air-conditioning units are great for cooling an entire home but what if you only have a single room such as a bedroom that only needs to be cooled down.
Small window mounted air-conditioning units come in a variety of sizes and packages. The small cooling units are placed in a window which is enclosed and cools the room it is placed in.
So what size unit do you need?
The way to determine what size small air-conditioning unit is needed is to measure the square feet of the room. This is done by measuring the width and the length of the room and multiply it. So a room that is 10 feet wide by 15 feet long would be 150 square feet.
Air-conditioning units cooling capacity is measured in BTU (British thermal units) which are labeled in every air-conditioning sold.
To get the amounts of BTUs you will need apply the square feet of the room by 25 BTU. So a room that is 150 square feet X 25 = 3750 BTU.
So for this example the 10′ x 15′ room would need a air-conditioning unit that puts out 3750 BTU.
This can be rounded up depending on how well the room is built as far as insulation and how often the doors are open and closed.
Getting a unit that is much larger than necessary is not a good thing when it comes to air-conditioning. The same can be said for getting a unit that is smaller than necessary.
A air-conditioning unit that is larger than needed will have bigger components, mainly the compressor which will use more electricity than is needed. Often what happens when a window air-conditioning units is oversized where room it will kick on and off more often the needed. The initial start times of a air conditioner as a large power draw which to constant cycling will run up a power bill more than necessary.
A unit that is smaller than needed will run longer is not constantly running up electricity bill.
So when sizing a small window air-conditioning unit’s be sure to measure the width by the length and then multiply it by 25 to give the number of BTU necessary.


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