Our Picks for Best 5 Zone (Quint) Mini Split Systems

By | April 6, 2023

Best 5 Zone Quint Mini Split Systems
Mini split units are very popular since they have very high efficiency ratings and are very adaptable to many scenarios.

Package types include 1-zone, 2-zone, 3-zone, 4-zone, and 5-zone multi zone systems.

5-zone systems, also called Quint units, are a good fit for a building that needs five rooms cooled and heated with a single outside condenser.

What is a 5 Zone Mini Split System?

A 5 Zone mini split system has five indoor air handlers and one outside condenser.

The five indoor units are placed in different rooms and all have cooper line-sets that run to a single outdoor unit.

What are the Pros and Cons of a 5 Zone Mini Split System?

What is a 5 Zone Mini Split System
The main benefit of a 5 Zone Mini Split system is the saving of outdoor space.

A building that needs five indoor air handlers would need five outdoor condensers, which will use up a lot of space.

Using one outdoor condenser will save a lot of outdoor room which may be necessary when an area is limited.

The downside is redundancy since if the outdoor unit has an issue the entire system will not work.

Multiple single zone system would continue to work even if one had an issue.

For example, computer server rooms are often built for redundancy and will usually use multiple 1-zone units.

If one unit has an issue the others will continue to work and cool the room.

The outside area will be filled up with condensers which may not look good but is good if redundancy is an issue.

A homeowner likely will not want five outdoor units filling up the yard with a single unit a better option.

Mini split units have a long life span and rarely break down, so a 5-one system is likely best in most scenarios when multiple rooms need to be cooled or heated.

Can a 5 Zone Mini Split Heat and Cool at the Same Time?

Best Dual Zone Mini Split Systems Mitsubishi
No, 5 Zone units cannot heat from one indoor air handler and cool from another.

While heat pump units can both heat and cool, they can only be in one mode at a time.

*Note: only heat pump mini split units can heat and cool.

For example, if the system is in cool mode, all the indoor air handlers can only be set to cool.

If the system is in heat mode, all the indoor air handlers can only be set to heat.

Our Picks for the Best 5 (Quint) Zone Mini Split Systems

  1. Pioneer Quint (5 Zone)
  2. Available Here on Amazon

    Pioneer is very popular with the DIY crowd and manufactures many mini split systems, including a 5 Zone package.

    The 5 Zone system has a 21.5 Seer efficiency rating which is a very good number.

    It will come with everything needed for an installation except electrical AC wiring.

    Many DIY individuals install Pioneer units with many YouTube videos showing the install processes.

    Each inside air handler will need to be mounted on a wall and have a copper line set run to the outside condenser unit where they bolt to it.

    The entire system will need a vacuum pump to set the unit in a vacuum before releasing the refrigerant.

    If you plan to install a unit yourself, be sure to watch some YouTube videos on the process.

  3. Cooper & Hunter 5 Zone
  4. Available Here on Amazon

    Cooper & Hunter is another well known mini split manufacturer that has many units available.

    One such unit is the 5 Zone Mini Split Ductless heat pump.

    A heat pump system can both heat and cool which is nice to have.

    The system can heat or cool a space up to 3200 square feet and can output heat down to -13 Fahrenheit.

  5. Senville 5 Zone
  6. Available Here on Amazon

    Senville also manufactures many mini split packages and is also a well known company.

    They have a 5 Zone heat pump system with five 9000 BTU Indoor Air Handlers and one 48000 BTU Outdoor Condenser.

    Senville kits are very similar to Pioneer and also very popular with the DIY crowd.

    A kit will come with everything needed except AC electrical wiring.

    Mini split heat pump units are good to have installed since they are very efficient and can be installed in almost any building.

    They come in all shapes and sizes, including five zone systems which will be a good fit in a large multi room building.

    This includes 5 Zone (Quint)units which have five indoor heads and one outside condenser.

    The kits usually come with all the necessary components except the AC electrical wiring, which will need to be run from a breaker box.

    Many DIY individuals install mini split units with many YouTube videos showing the steps necessary.

    An HVAC company can also be hired to install a unit but be sure to call around and get quotes for the cost.

    Do you know of a good 5 Zone (Quint) Mini Split System? Let us know your thoughts below.

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