Our Picks for Best Window Mounted Fan Air Purifiers

Having a window fan that helps purifies a homes stale air can benefit a living space. They also have the added benefit of helping to cool down a home when the air outside is cooler.   Our Picks for Best Window Mounted Air Purifiers Holmes Window Fan Holmes Dual Blade Twin Window Fan, White This… Read More »

What is The Best Way To Cool a Garage?

Garages can become unbearably hot in the summer especially in certain climates. If you are stuck working in a hot garage cooling it down can be done using one of several options. Finding a way to cool down a garage is on everyone’s mind when they are working in it. Since cooling the garage is… Read More »

HVAC Contactors and Relays Explained

Contactors and relays are used on almost all heating, cooling, and refrigeration equipment for the operation of loads in the system. Contactors relays are similar in their operation because both contain a coil that is used to open or close the contacts. The contactor is larger and capable of carrying more amperage than a relay.… Read More »

Our Picks for the Best Whole House Attic Fans

Whole house fans are a cheap and easy way to benefit a home. From cooling to venting stale tired air. One thing to note is that whole house fans and attic fans are classified separately. The difference between the two is that a whole house fan pulls air out of the interior of a home,… Read More »

Our Picks for Best Furnace Filters for Allergies

Some years are worse than others for allergies with this being a bad year for allergies at least for me. Locally were I live the dust and pollen’s in the air seem to be worse than usual making me sneeze constantly and a nose that wont stop running. Beside allergy medication there is not much… Read More »