Our Picks for Best Heaters for a Greenhouse 2021

The best heater for a greenhouse will vary from unit-to-unit as to climate, cost, and how well the greenhouse is built. In my opinion, a gas or electric heater is the best to use, but for another, a wood burner may be a better option. I live in the desert with no ready supply of… Read More »

Our Picks for Best Furnace Filters for Allergies

Some years are worse than others for allergies with this being a bad year for allergies at least for me. Locally where I live the dust and pollen in the air seem to be worse than usual making me sneeze constantly and a nose that won’t stop running. Besides allergy medication there is not much… Read More »

What is a Good Thermometer Best for HVAC?

Taking temperature readings is part of an HVAC technician’s job from reading air differences at the supply and return, to reading super-heat and sub-cooling. So what makes for a good HVAC thermometer? This really depends on the job. For example, pocket thermometers are a great tool to carry around and get general readings, such as… Read More »

How Does a Furnace Gas Draft Inducer Work?

A furnace draft inducer vents toxic gasses that come from the burner. The inducer motor insures there is constant flow of air outside through a vent so no toxic gasses enter a home. A Draft Inducer pulls toxic gasses from a furnace and pushes them out a vent pipe. An Inducer should start up before… Read More »