Test and Replace the Fan Limit Switch on a Furnace

What is a Fan Limit Switch? A furnace has two switches, a fan limit switch and a high limit switch; these switches can be separate or in one package called a combination switch. High limit switch A high limit control switch will turn off the gas to a furnace if the temperature becomes too high.… Read More »

Mobile Home Furnace Overview and Buyers Guide

Table of contents Types of Mobile Home Furnaces Standard Furnace vs. Mobile Home Furnace Components of a Mobile Home Furnace and Air Conditioning 80% vs. 90% Furnaces Sizing a Mobile Home Furnace Climates Ton vs. BTUs Sizing Chart for Mobile Home Furnace Updraft vs. Down Draft Furnace Mobile Home Furnace Prices How Much Will it… Read More »

Cost to Replace a Furnace Motherboard Control Board

If your furnace needs a new control board, the average cost for an HVAC technician to install it is $400-$700. If you are a DIY type of person, furnace control boards can be bought online for $50-$250, depending on the furnace. Can I Replace My Own Furnace Circuit Board? Doing it yourself is very tempting… Read More »

What Does a CEER Rating on an Air Conditioner Mean

A CEER (Combined Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating is a new standard for room and window air conditioners that rates how efficiently they operate. The DOE (Department of Energy) created the new standard for Window AC units in 2011 and implemented it in June 2014, and it has become the main way to see how efficient… Read More »

8 Reasons a Furnace Will Not Work

If your furnace is giving you trouble and not starting, you can try several things before calling a technician. While the furnace may have a problem that requires a technician to troubleshoot, there are often simple causes. Below are eight common reasons a furnace will not start to try out before calling a professional. Of… Read More »

Furnace Thermostat Wiring and Troubleshooting

Furnace thermostat wiring falls in the DIY category that a handy type person can hook up or fix. Of course, if in doubt, be sure to call a professional. When working with a thermostat, the cover can be snapped off to expose the wiring. Before doing any work on the thermostat and wiring, take a… Read More »