Can You Become EPA 608 Certified Online?

Type I EPA 608 exam can be taken online Type II and Type III cannot be taken online and must be proctored. Check local laws as there may be additional requirements. If you need to get an EPA 608 certification to work with refrigerants, you may wonder if you can get certified online. This is… Read More »

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a TXV Valve (2024)

The average TXV replacement cost by an HVAC tech in 2024 is roughly $750-$1200. The cost to buy a TXV Valve in 2024 is roughly $50-$200. Prices can vary by location and time of year. If you have had the TXV valve replaced, let us know in the comments the cost. A TXV (Thermal Expansion… Read More »

How To Replace an HVAC Filter Drier on a Condenser

Replacing an HVAC filter drier is a common job when installing new components such as a new A-coil. A filter drier is a simple device, but the correct steps must be done during an installation. Mainly care needs to be taken not to damage the valves on the condenser, which can become damaged from heat… Read More »

What are HVAC UV Lights and How Do They Work?

UV light kills mold, mildew, and airborne viruses. Improves the air quality in a home. Cost to install is minimal for DIY homeowners. Some HVAC systems may not be able to have a UV light installed. Today most families enjoy the benefits of a central air system in their home. These systems keep us cool… Read More »