Mini Split Error Code List and Meanings

By | September 24, 2019

Mini Split Error Code List
Mini split units are nice to have and usually very reliable heating and cooling packages.

Unfortunately errors can happen which is usually displayed on the indoor wall unit.

This error can be looked up in a manual to see what the meaning is.

For example, an E1 error code means there is a problem with the Indoor/Outdoor units communication.
Mini Split Error Code List and Meanings
Often error codes can be manufacture specific and sometimes different models can have different errors codes.

The best way to troubleshoot any code is to have the manual for your unit.

Sometimes finding a manual can be difficult so here we list the known error codes for big name mini split manufactures.

Keep in mind that there may be differences between models but most the codes should match.

I will list more error code meanings for mini splits units as I have time.
Pioneer Mini Split Error Codes and Meanings

E0Indoor unit EEPROM parameter error
E1Indoor/Outdoor units communication error
E2Zero-crossing signal detection error
E3Indoor fan Speed has been out of control
E4Indoor room temperature sensor T1 open circuit or short circuit
E5Evaporator coil temperature sensor T2 open circuit or short circuit
ECRefrigerant leakage detection
F0Overload current protection
F1Outdoor ambient temperature sensor T4 open circuit or short circuit
F2Condenser coil temperature sensor T3 open circuit or short circuit
F3Compressor discharge temperature sensor TP open circuit or short circuit
F4 Outdoor unit EEPROM parameter error
F5 Outdoor fan speed has been out of control
P0IPM malfunction or IGBT over strong current protection
P1Over voltage or over low voltage protection
P2High temperature protection of IPM module or compressor top
P3Outdoor ambient temperature too low
P4Inverter compressor drive error
P5Indoor units mode conflict (multi-zone only)
P6Low pressure protection (Only for 36K)


Carrier Mini Split Error Codes and Meanings

Display Status
08Defrost Mode 1
0ADefrost Mode 2
F3Outdoor ambient temperature sensor
F4Outdoor mid ---coil temperature sensor
F5Outdoor discharge air temperature sensor
F7Cooling oil return cycle
E1System high pressure protection
E2Indoor freeze protection
E3System low pressure protection
E4Compressor discharge high temperature
E6Communication error between indoor
and outdoor
E7Mode conflict
E8System overload protection
E9Cold Blow Protection
ddTest mode
FoPump down mode
P0PM Rest
P5Compressor current protection
P6Communication error between the inverter
drive and main board
P7Heat sink temperature sensor malfunction
P8IPM over temperature protection
P9Open Contactor
PcCurrent sensor malfunction
PdCurrent sensor mis ---wiring protection
PAInput current protection
PFInverter board ambient temperature sensor
PL Low voltage protection
PHHigh voltage protection
PPAbnormal input AC voltage
PUCapacitor charging malfunction
H1Defrost or heating oil return cycle
H3Compressor overheat protection
H5IPM Protection
H7Compressor speed reduction
HcPFC board protection
L9Compressor high voltage protection
LcCompressor start ---up failure
LdCompressor phase loss protection
LECompressor stalling
LFCompressor over ---speed protection
A5Condenser coil inlet temp sensor malfunction
A7Condenser outlet temperature sensor
EEMemory card error
EnFrequency limitation for module circuit protection
EUFrequency limitation for module temperature
F6Frequency limitation for overload protection
F8Frequency limitation for system circuit
F9Frequency limitation for module circuit
FHFrequency limitation for freeze protection
HECompressor demagnetizing protection
LPIndoor and outdoor units mismatch
U1Compressor phase detection malfunction
U3Low DC bus voltage
dnCommunication error between main board
and EXV

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