Causes and Fixes Mini Split P3 Error Code (Cooper and Hunter)

By | January 29, 2022

Causes and Fixes Mini Split P3 Error Code Cooper and Hunter
If you have a Cooper & Hunter mini split that gives a P3 error code, there are issues with the voltage or very harsh weather.

The unit has shut down and given the error to protect the compressor from damage.

What is a Mini Split P3 Error Code?
A P3 Error Code is a “Current Protection of Compressor” with the unit usually having a problem with the voltage or current.

If the outdoor current exceeds the current limit value, the LED will display a P3 failure.

A P3 error can also occur if In heating mode when the outdoor temperature is lower than -25°C for 1 hour.

A P3 error can also occur; if the outdoor temperature is higher than -22°C for 10 minutes and the compressor stops for 1 hour, or outdoor temperature is higher than -5°C for 10 minutes, then the unit will return to work.

Possible Causes

  • Wiring
  • Faulty Bridge Rectifier
  • System Blocking
  • Faulty Outdoor PCB

Possible Fixes

  • If the error occurs while in standby mode, the outdoor main PCB may be faulty.
  • If the error did not occur in standby mode, check the power supply voltage is normal.
  • Check outdoor terminal voltage is normal.
  • If the voltage is not correct, check the power wires.
  • Check voltage and wiring on the bridge rectifier.
  • Check if the Amp pull is correct.

A P3 Error Code on a Cooper & Hunter mini split is a “Current Protection of Compressor” fault.

If the weather is very harsh, this may be normal; otherwise, there is likely a problem with the voltage.

Check all the voltages at the inside unit and the outside unit and make sure they are correct.

A common problem is the wiring is wrong or faulty with a loose or bad connection.

Check the bridge rectifier wiring and voltage and be sure they are correct.

The outside unit main PCB bard may also be bad and need to be tested.

Have you had issues with a Cooper & Hunter mini split with a P3 Error Code? Let us know your fix below.

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