Best Mini Split Air Conditioner 2017

By | June 2, 2015

Best Mini Split Air Conditioner

Mini Split air conditioning systems is one of the best ways to heat and cool a home in my opinion.
They cost much less than traditional home HVAC systems and cost much less to operate in electrical cost.
Mini splits do have their limitations though since they don’t push air through ducts they really only cool and heat the room they are in and don’t push on past walls.
This makes the ideal for small business such as hotels, garages, home add-on, or any area operating in a open space.
Best Mini Split Air Conditioner 2017
Home owners can take advantage of a mini splits cheap cost to run to cool one section of a home when the rest isn’t used much.
I am one of those home owners that loves mini splits cooling systems and have three installed at strategic locations in a three bedroom home.
Even though there is a traditional HVAC unit on my home it is much cheaper to simply cool the room I am in at the time instead of the entire house.
What works for me won’t work for everyone so it is simply an example of how versatile a mini split is and how it can be used to your advantage to save money long term.
Our Pick for The Best Mini Split Heating and Cooling Unit 2017
Senville SENL-18CD 18000 BTU 15 SEER Split Air Conditioner and Heat Pump, Mini

This is an entire mini split kit that comes with everything needed to install the system, except for electrical wiring.
It comes in different sizes 9000 BTU, 12,000 BTU, 18,000 BTU, and 24,000 BTU.
Mini splits come pre-charged with refrigerant that is released after the line set is vacuumed out.
Even though someone could be hired to install it this is perfect for the home Do-it-Yourselfer (DIY).
Tools would be needed if you do it yourself such as a vacuum pump and HVAC gauges but these can be picked up cheap compared to the cost of someone doing for you.
A handy person combined with all the YouTube videos out there most likely can install a mini split in a day or two.
Check out this video (one of many) of how to install a mini split.

Of course someone can be hired to install the system and this may be the best option for most people.
If you do decide to install a mini split yourself the most difficult thing will be flaring the line set so they can be screwed together and possibly the wiring.
Video of flaring the line set and screwing it together.

The electrical is not difficult if you have done it before, such as wiring a dryer or ceiling fan.
But as always that can simply be outsourced to an electrician who will wire it in less than an hour.
The SenvilleDuctless Wall Mount Mini Split is a good unit which has different packages depending on the need.
The smallest unit is a 9,000 BTU and the largest at 24,000, with two in-between.
With the variety of different package there is no doubt a size that will fit the location it is needed in.
Installing a unit yourself is always a option if you have had previous experience with A/C systems and wiring.
Paying someone else to install the unit is a good idea if you don’t have any experience in HVAC, wiring, or construction in general as there can be potential hazards.
The best way to judge for yourself is to read the reviews on Amazon about others experience and see which direction would fit your scenario.

Do not attempt to install any HVAC system unless you have the proper training. A certified HVAC technician should be paid to examine any system that is installed prior to start-up.

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  1. Aranger

    After reading the reviews on the Pioneer mini split I decides on the 220 volt 12,000 unit. From what I have read 220 volts operates more efficiently than 110 volts over the long term.


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