Our Picks For Top Refrigerant Recovery Machines

By | October 9, 2014

Before 1992 Refrigerant recovery machines were not used in large by HVAC technicians, but during the early 1990’s the EPA set into guidelines with the Montreal Protocol that made knowingly venting a refrigerant system illegal. Now everyone must recover refrigerant from a refrigeration system.
Refrigerant recovery machines are not exactly cheap but are necessary to comply with the EPA 608 laws. What are the EPA 608 laws?
Effective July 1, 1992 prohibits individuals from intentionally venting Ozone Depleting substances (refrigerant) into the atmosphere.
There are four exceptions:
1..”De minimis” Releases done in good faith. (Basically refrigerant can be released when you are hooking up hoses and so on.)
2..Refrigerant leaking during the normal operation of a unit
3..Nitrogen can be released.
4..Refrigerant can be released when purging hoses. Low-loss fittings must be used.
If you are a HVAC technician then you already know the laws since you had to pass the EPA 608 exam, and you know the importance of a refrigerant recovery system.
Our List For Refrigerant Recovery Machines.

Reading through the reviews on Amazon is always good place to start before buying something you will be with for years, also forums can be helpful. If you have never bought a refrigerant recovery machine before then any of these will work.

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