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This category is for Portable Refrigerant Recovery Machine. From reviews to best selling. Freon recovery machines are a necessary part of HVAC as refrigerant needs to be recovered by law. All refergerant freon types need to be covered regardless of the type R22, R410a, R-12, R134a and so on. Getting the vest recovery machine is always the main goal as recover times and price for a Refrigerant Recovery Machine is always a concern.

Our Picks For Top Refrigerant Recovery Machines

Before 1992 Refrigerant recovery machines were not used in large by HVAC technicians, but during the early 1990’s the EPA set into guidelines with the Montreal Protocol that made knowingly venting a refrigerant system illegal. Now everyone must recover refrigerant from a refrigeration system.   Refrigerant recovery machines are not exactly cheap but are necessary… Read More »