How to Oil the Bearings on a Swamp Cooler

By | April 6, 2021

How to Oil the Bearings on a Swamp Cooler 2019
A video is at the bottom of the page for a visual walk through if needed.

Evaporative coolers need basic maintenance every year for them to work well and last many years.

Oiling the bearings on the rib cage fan is one of those things that should be done yearly.

Keeping them oiled up is an easy task that helps them last longer and avoid having to replace the bearings.

Replacing the bearings on a swamp cooler is a straight forward task but can be a real pain to do so. Which is why keeping them maintained is always a good idea.

Below is a quick overview, steps with pictures, and a video if needed.

Quick Overview for Oiling an Evaporative Cooler Bearings

  • Buy the correct Oil such as Zoom Sprout
  • Remove the side panels
  • Locate the oil Fill Holes
  • Drip oil into the Fill Holes

Steps to Oiling an Evaporative Cooler Bearings With Pictures

  1. Swamp cooler bearing oil is needed which can be bought such as Zoom Sprout oil which is used by many HVAC technicians. It can be bought at Home Depot, True value, or any hardware store.
    Example Zoom Sprout oil on Amazon.
    Supco CE441 Zoom Spout Oiler White, 1.5 x 2.5 x 3.5 Inch

  3. After getting the oil, remove the side panels on the swamp cooler.
  4. How to Oil the Bearings on a Swamp Cooler

  5. There are two bearings in a swamp cooler on each side of the rib cage fan. The oil is dripped into small covered holes located on the top of each bearing housing. A small tab will cover the hole and simply needs to be lifted up on one side.
  6. How to Oil the Bearings on a Evaporitive Cooler
    Oil a samp cooler bearing

  7. Zoom Spout oil bottles come with an extender to drip the oil into the oil holes.
  8. bearing oil for swamp cooler

  9. Fill each oil hole to the top.

Simply fill each bearing hole up with oil and the cooler should be good for another year.

This simple task can help prevent the pain of having to replace the bearings later on and add to the life of a swamp cooler.



10 thoughts on “How to Oil the Bearings on a Swamp Cooler

  1. Thomas Fox

    I oil mine with Amsoil 20 weight non-detergent synthetic air compressor oil. I get a quart, and small oiler bottle with application tip off of Amazon. It works amazing! Plus I use the oil for various other things as well.

    I add oil at the beginning of the season, and about halfway through. During the winter I’ll bump it on low ventilation for a few seconds just to rotate the equipment to circulate oil, and prevent the motor bearings from getting a flat spot from sitting in the same place For long periods.

  2. Laura Keller

    My question is do you have to oil a BRAND new swamp cooler or are we good to go u til next season?

  3. Lani wyatt

    How much oil is necessary to lubricate the bearings of an evap cooler. I do not think there has been any maintenance performed on this cooler. Ever. I have replaced pads, pump, belt and have now lubed the bearings in the small reserviors on each side of the shaft. It was quiet overnite but I think I must go up on roof again to put more oil in or at least check

    1. BXX

      Fill up the hole were it is added. You could fill it, let it run a bit and fill it again if you think they are dry.

  4. Cass

    Servicing mine for the first time (new house, obviously hasn’t been maintained in a bit) and the cap near the belt is missing and it looks like the hole where I put oil in is gunked up. What do I do?

    1. BXX

      That happens a lot just fill the hole with oil. The caps keep out dirt which can damage the bearings.

  5. Sally

    I have a 10 year old Brisa window mount cooler. last year it started spitting fine bits of oil into the room, getting on the carpet — not good. So what causes that? Otherwise the cooler has been maintained at the start of each season and some repairs have been done over the years and the motor was replaced. But that oil coming in the house is a real problem. What do you think?

  6. Rose

    Thank you for this video, and the written instructions as well!. I heard a strange sound when the roof top swamp cooler was on last night. I had the Zoom container in the cabinet I knew, so I looked up your video, and decided to try and fix the problem by myself this morning. The pictures with the red arrows helped a lot! I’ll admit that I was a little nervous, climbing up on the roof this morning to see if I could remove the side panels off, as the cooler is on a slanted roof. But I did it~ and i just wanted you to know that I am a 63 year “young” woman, and i did it myself! Woo hoo~ Thanks again!


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