Alternatives to a Window Air Conditioning Unit

By | May 6, 2022

Window Air Conditioning Unit Alternatives 2017

Window air conditioners are low-cost, quick solutions that work as an easy to install cooling units.

While they do work, there are much better options, such as an evaporator cooler, mini-split, or even portable cooling units.

Window mounted A/C units can be loud and take up space around a window blocking it from use.

They also are not the most efficient way to cool a home.

3 Best Alternatives to a Window Air Conditioner

  • Mini Split
  • Window Air Conditioning Unit Alternatives
    Mini split units are the same as a standard big home air conditioner, only in a smaller size.

    This makes them much more affordable to buy but more expensive than a window unit.

    They also need more technical ability to set up many home DIY kits for a handy type person.

    They are much quieter than a window unit and cost less to operate.

  • Evaporative Cooler
  • Alternatives to a Window Air Conditioning Unit Evaporative Cooler
    Evaporative cooling, sometimes called swamp coolers, are a good way to cool space but only works in dry climates.

    They are cheap to run and are simple to work on.

    The only real downside to a swamp cooler is they don’t work if the humidity is too high and only work in dry climates such as the American Southwest.

  • Portable Cooling Units
  • Alternatives to a Window Air Conditioning Unit Portable Cooling Units
    Portable Air conditioning units work much the same as a window unit, only portable.

    They often come with a hose that pumps out hot air and must be located out a door or window to work properly.

    Often they make some noise, but since they are portable but don’t take up a set spot in a window.

    This also makes them much easier to set up since they are basically plugged into an outlet and ready to work.

There are several alternatives to a window air AC unit, with those above the most used.

If you have a choice, a mini-split unit is by far the best to use.

A swamp cooler is a good option for those living in a dry desert climate.

A portable unit is much like a window unit, only easy to move about and store away when no longer needed.

Of course, a window-mounted AC unit can still be used, with many becoming quieter in recent years and more efficient.

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