How To Install a Through the Wall Air Conditioner Sleeve

By | February 28, 2024

How To Install a Through the Wall Air Conditioner Sleeve
If a room needs a cooling unit but has no window, a through-the-wall package can be installed.

Installing a unit through a wall also lets the owner place it in almost any location.

A hole will need to be cut into the wall and a sleeve placed into it to hold the HVAC unit in place.

Every install will need to be thought out and will be different.

Things to Consider Before Installing a Through the Wall Air Conditioner Sleeve

  • How Thick Is The Wall?
  • Electrical Locations in Wall and Power
  • Stud Locations in Wall

How thick the wall is should be measured as some are thicker than others.

The unit will need electricity and should be located near an outlet or an outlet run to the unit.

The studs should be found and marked out before any cutting is done.

Keep in mind wiring or pipes may be in the wall. The location should be thought out so as to avoid them.

Items Needed to Install a Through the Wall Air Conditioner Sleeve

  • Sleeve
  • Lumber for Header and Footer
  • Basic Tools
  • Screws / Nails
  • Level
  • Caulking

A sleeve will be needed, which usually comes with a unit.

If one is bought, be sure the dimensions are correct for both the unit and sleeve for a good fit.

A header and footer are usually built for the sleeve to sit in.

Depending on the wall type, sometimes a header and footer are unnecessary.

The main goal is for the unit to have a stable level platform to sit in and do its job.

Header and Footers can be built out of 2×4 or similar.

Basic tools will be needed, such as a drill, saw, hammer, caulking, and so on.

Every installation will be different with the below steps; the basics of an installation.

Basic Steps to Install a Through the Wall Air Conditioner Sleeve

  1. Mark out the wall the unit will be placed in.
  2. The first step is to mark out the wall to cut an opening. Find all the studs and mark them out with a pencil.

  3. Cut out the sheetrock along the marked lines.
  4. Remove the insulation and check for any wires or pipes running in the wall.
  5. Drill through the wall on all four corners to have a maker guide outside to follow
  6. Cut out any studs.
  7. Build and insert the header and footer that will hold the unit.
  8. Finish cutting out the hole.
  9. Place the sleeve in and screw it into place.
  10. Caulk along the outside sleeve edges to prevent leaks.
  11. Place the unit into the sleeve and screw it in place. Power it on and test it.

The above are the basic steps to install a through-the-wall air conditioner, sometimes called a window wall slide-out air conditioner.

Every scenario will be different, with wall type and power always changing.

The basics are to cut out a hole for the unit to go into, build a stable platform for it to sit on, and have power close.

A handy do-it-yourself type person can do most jobs. Of course, call a professional if in doubt.

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