Window Air Conditioner and Rain

By | May 17, 2023

Window Air Conditioner and Rain 777
Window mounted air conditioners are low-cost devices that will cool a space when it becomes hot.

They are popular since they cost less than most other heating and cooling equipment types, such as standard whole-house units.

Like any equipment, maintenance, and care must be given to a window unit for it to operate properly and quietly.

Can a Window Mounted Air Conditioner Be Used When It Rains?

Yes, a window air conditioner can be used when it is raining.

All HVAC heating and cooling units are designed to work in the rain and other weather.

This means that they will operate fine when it rains as long as there are no unit problems.

Is it Safe to Run a Window Air Conditioner During a Thunderstorm?

Lightning strikes can damage an air conditioner unit like any electrical device, so it may be a good idea to unplug it if a huge storm rolls in.

Also, if the power is going on and off from a storm, it could damage the compressor if the unit is running.

If the unit leaks into a home, it has not been installed properly, and the installation should be redone correctly.

Fixing a leak around a unit should be done immediately, as water can damage the internal structure of a home.

Rain can also drip onto a unit making loud dripping noises which can be fixed easily with a low-cost Rain Drip Cushion.
Window Air Conditioner and Rain
Rain Drip Cushions can also help prevent damage if hail was to fall, although building a small roof for the unit would be a better option.

Will Rain Damage a Window Air Conditioner?

No, rain will not damage a window air conditioner unless the weather is extremely severe.

For example, damage may happen if there is a severe fail storm which would also cause damage elsewhere, such as a roof or vehicle.

Standard rain, even heavy rain, will not damage a window AC unit.

How Do I Keep Rain Out of My Window Air Conditioner?

A small roof can be built over a window AC unit or a rain drip cushion can be set on top of the unit.

Building a small roof to cover the outside portion of the unit is best but a rain drip cushion also will work.

Running a window-mounted air conditioner in the rain can be done, and they are built to be used this way.

Things such as electrical strikes and power outages need to be considered since they could potentially damage any electrical device.

If the unit is leaking, then it should be fixed quickly as water damage can happen quickly to a home with a leaky unit.

Some people build small covers for units to allow them to operate in the shade.

If you feel the rain is too heavy where you live, such a small covering may benefit the unit.

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2 thoughts on “Window Air Conditioner and Rain

  1. Gary Knutson

    I was all ways wondering if you can run your window A/C while it’s raining out side, I all ways thought you had to shut it off because it would damage it, now that I know you can run the window A/C while it’s raining out side and it won’t damage it I’ll keep it on… Thanks..👍

  2. Darilynn McCoy

    Both of my window unit ACs stop working when it rains. One is a GE and the other is a Frigidaire, both are only a month old, both are 6000BTU. The fan stays on but the compressor shuts off..
    Why does this happen. It can rain for days in Indiana. It gets very hot in the house when this happens.
    Can this be fixed?


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