What is the Most Efficient Way To Heat a Garage?

By | May 1, 2020

If you do a lot of work in a garage depending on where you live heating it is almost a must.

Most start to research their options for heating a garage and most often lean toward large electric heaters.

While large electric heaters do the job they are not the most efficient way to heat a large open space like a garage.

So what is the most efficient way to heat a garage?
This does depends on the climate where you live but Heat Pumps are widely known to be the most efficient way to transfer heat.
What is the Most Efficient Way To Heat a Garage Heat  Pump

Heat pumps have the added value of also turning into a air conditioner in the summer and cooling the space.

What are heat pumps?
Heat pumps work in the same manner as any air conditioning system which transfers heat from one location to another.

It does this with refrigerant which is pumped through the system pulling heat at one spot and depositing it to another.

The way a heat pump transfers heat is very efficient.

A heat pump uses what is called a reversing valve to heat in the winter and cool in the summer.

Mini Split Heat Pumps are popular for heating and cooling garages or other open spaced rooms.

What is the downside to heat pumps?
They can only work down to certain set low temperature. This will depend on the model and manufacture.

Most units will begin to struggle to pump out heat as the temperature approaches zero.
What is the Most Efficient Way To Heat a Garage Heat  Pump Defrost Cycle

They still will work but every so often will need to kick into air conditioning mode to melt the ice from the outside condenser.

When a heat pump does this heat strips are used to keep supplying heat. Heat strips work like a large eclectic heater.

What this means is if you live in a very cold climate such as Alaska a heat pump may turn into a large eclectic heater when it is very cold below zero.

This is the reason heat pumps are widely used in the South Western United Sates were the temperature rarely drops below zero.

Heat pumps are commonly used in any climate simply be aware that once it is become very cold their efficient transfer of heat will stop and they become a large eclectic heater.

Installing a heat pump can be more involved than other types of systems such as electric heaters.

They require running a Line Set that carries refrigerant into and out of the garage.
What is the Most Efficient Way To Heat a Garage

They also need electrical and control wires to the unit.
Efficient Way To Heat a Garage

Installing a heat pump into a garage is done all the time by DIY type individuals.

There are Heat Pump kits that can be bought online that come with everything needed for the install.

Read Here for an Installation of a Mini Split Heat Pump

YouTube Video of Installing a Heat Pump.

Heating a garage with a mini split heat pump is a very efficient depending on the climate you live in.

Installation can be more involved and may require hiring an HVAC Technician to install it for you.



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