Window vs. Through Wall Mounted Air Conditioner

By | October 2, 2022

Window vs Through Wall Mounted Air Conditioner
Window and through-the-wall air conditioners are a great low-cost way to cool a space.

They are also DIY friendly, with most homeowners able to install a unit without the need for an HVAC installer.

Window vs. Wall Mounted Air Conditioner

A window-mounted air conditioner is meant to be installed through a window and has a side extension to fill any gap that may be left open.
Window VS Wall Mounted Air Conditioner What is the differences
A through wall mounted air conditioner is made to be installed into an opening that has been cut into a wall.
Window VS Wall Mounted Air Conditioner
Both work well, and it often depends on the layout of the home the unit is being installed in as to which is best.

Window vs. Wall Mounted Air Conditioner Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Both types of units can cool equally well.
  • Wall mounted units do not block out a window.
  • Wall mounted units are usually harder to install.
  • Window units are usually the easiest to install since no holes need to be cut.

A window unit does not require any major home modifications. All that is needed is the correct window dimension to be known so that the correct size unit can be bought.

Window A/C units have the disadvantage of never completely having the area on the sides properly sealed and insulated. Which can leak out the cold air an AC unit is pumping in.

Window units also block the use of the window it is placed in.

Wall mounted units have a better seal around them since a hole is cut into a wall for the unit to be placed in. This makes them more efficient to use.

Wall units also don’t block a window from being used and look more professional.

Window vs. Wall Mounted Air Conditioner Installation

Window AC units are much easier to install since no hole needs to be cut into a wall.

They also come with brackets that hold them in place and side pieces to fill in any gaps that the unit doesn’t take up.

Wall air conditioners require more skill since a hole the size of the unit needs to be cut out of an outside wall.

Some window A/C units can be used as wall air conditioners, but wall units are not built to be used as window air conditioners.

If you want a simple and easy installation, a window unit is usually the best option.

When deciding which type of window air conditioning unit to buy, it depends on the layout of the home as to which is best.

It also can depend on the skill of the person doing the installation.

A skilled person will have no problem cutting a section from a wall and installing a wall unit, while this may be too much for the average person.

Also, wall units are a more permanent feature than window units.

If a window is available, using it would be the easiest option.

If there is no window available, using a through eh wall unit is likely a better option.

Have you installed a wall or window air conditioner? Let us know your thoughts below.

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