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By | April 2, 2023

The Best Quiet Window Air Conditioner

Having a quiet window mounted air conditioner can make a lot of difference in having a comfortable living space.

Loud, noisy AC units can wake you up at night and have you constantly adjusting the TV volume.

Windows air conditioning units are not the best when it comes to noise levels.

This is because the main components, such as the compressor, fan, and condenser, are all packaged together in the same small unit.

Traditional AC units, such as packaged units, are placed on a roof or the side of a home which gives layers of noise-blocking material from the walls and insulation.

Split system units separate the noisy components with long copper lines that transfer refrigerant to and from a home which transfers heat or cold from one location to another. The problem, as many know, is that large traditional cooling units are expensive to install and maintain.

Small window units, on the other hand, are low cost and easy to install.

This gives many an option to cool a space that otherwise would cost significantly more than with a traditional HVAC unit.

But as previously stated, small window units are noisier than their traditional counterparts.

So What is the Best Quiet Window Air Conditioner?

The unit we found to be the quietest is the Haier ESAQ406P Serenity Series

Haier has gone through this unit and added many noise-reducing features to its design and building of it.

The first noise reduction feature is a noise suppression blanket that covers the compressor. The compressor is what kicks on intermediately and can make a loud buzzing noise as it pumps refrigerant through a unit.

Noise compressor sound blanket wraps are not new to HVAC and are used in large units that are placed close to bedrooms, living rooms, or any space a loud unit can be a bother.

Using a compressor sound blanket wrap in a window unit is a new feature that currently we could only find Haier installing in their units.

Other manufacturers may follow, and others may soon also have compressor wraps. If you find another unit that has this feature, please let us know in the comments below.

The second noise reduction feature is what is called cross flow fan technology to keep fan noise levels low.
Quiet Window Air Conditioner 2016
For controls, it has three cool and three Fan Speeds. Built-in thermostat control can be set to let the unit turn on and off automatically.

All air conditioners are humidifiers since they pull moister from the air as they work. The Haier Serenity Series uses dehumidifying modes to help control comfort levels.
Other settings include fan only, energy saving mode, along with a 24-hour sleep mode timer.

Other settings include fan only, energy saving mode, along with a 24 hour sleep mode timer.
Quiet Window Air Conditioner 2016 Review

The Haier Serenity Series comes in different sizes including the 8000 BTU and 6050 BTU units.

The size needed will depend on the room size that needs to be cooled along with how well it is insulated.

A 6000 BTU unit is rated to cool a room up-to 250 square feet.
A 8000 BTU unit is rated to cool a room up-to 350 square feet.

Both units use 115 Volts for power. This means that power should be easily available from a standard wall outlet.
When using a wall outlet, it is always a good idea to know how many other appliances are on the same breaker. Many breakers can run 2-3 outlets and lights depending on how a room is wired.

An easy way to see which lights and outlets are on a breaker is to turn the breaker off and go to each wall outlet with an electrical device such as a lamp and see which one no longer has power.

It is always best to run a minimal amount of electrical appliances on one breaker with a window air conditioning unit.

The size of the Haier ESAQ408P is (W) 21.25 x (D) 9 x (H)12.44, so a window opening should be larger to allow for a good fit.

A quiet low noise level window air conditioning unit can make a huge difference in a person’s life. From getting a good night’s sleep to having a conversation, nothing is more annoying than a loud AC unit.

Thankfully the engineers at Haier have taken this into account and have built-in multiple design features to help suppress noise levels.

Window AC units will always be noisier than their traditional counterparts due to all the components packaged together, but some units are built better than others which can help lower the sound levels they make.

Keep in mind to get a truly quiet HVAC unit, there are other options, such as Mini Split Ductless units. Mini-splits, while more expensive than a window unit, are less costly than a large home HVAC package. They work by separating the noisy components of an A/C unit.

This works by having the compressor and condensing fan separated away from a room and connected by copper tubes called a line set. A line-set carries refrigerant in and out of a room, cooling it as it does. The inside part of a mini split ductless unit is mounted on a wall and will have only a fan to blow cool air into a home.

A ductless unit does require more work to install than a window unit and does cost more for the initial cost. While they do cost more, they are cheaper than a big HVAC unit used to cool an entire home.

Mini-splits like window units also only cool the space or room they are located in and not an entire home. While this does limit a mini-split, they are widely used in hotels/motels, which only have a single room space that needs cooling.

Of course, since the cost is always a factor and a large unit is not needed for a small space or room, finding a good quiet window are conditioner unit is best in many cases.

We are constantly on the lookout for feedback or your experience with air conditioning units; if you have found a unit that is quite compared to other models, then please let us know in the comments below.

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