Condenser Fan Motor Replacement Cost

By | June 11, 2019

Condenser fan motor
The average cost to replace a condensing fan motor is $400 dollars depending on the HVAC company it may be more or less. The motor by itself usually runs between $50 and $150 dollars.
The reason for the high cost is having a HVAC service technician come out and replace the motor which is usually $50 dollars an hour plus the motors price which is often marked up since they bought it and took it out to your house.
For the Do-It-Yourself type person replacing a condensing fan motor is not a hard job. Some electrical and mechanical skills will be needed but buying a motor and changing it yourself is really not that hard.
Finding a place to buy the motor may be the hardest part since places like Home Depot and other hardware stores don’t carry condensing fan motors. The best place for a home owner to buy a condensing fan motor is online at Amazon or eBay. I like to use Amazon personally but it is a personal choice.
The way you can tell which motor you will need is by looking at the motor itself for a model number.
Sometimes model numbers will not be able to be found and a compatible replacement fan motor will have to be used.
HVAC technicians often carry universal motors that depending on how they are wired can run at different voltages and speeds.
Information Needed To Buy a Condensing Fan Motor:

  • Horse power (HP) for example 1/3 or 1/2 HP
  • RPM: for example 1075
  • Voltage: 120 volt or 230/240 volt
  • Amps: such as 5.0 Amps
  • Shaft size for the fan to be taken off the old motor and put on the new motor.

Example Condensing Fan Motor On Amazon.
Rheem Ruud Condenser Fan Motor 51-23053-11

A new Start Run Capacitor should also be ordered since a bad or one going bad can prematurely wear out your motor. They are usually not more than $30 dollars to replace. To buy a new start run capacitor read the micro farads (uf) and the voltage.
Read Here for A full Guide to Replacing a Condensing Fan Motor.



4 thoughts on “Condenser Fan Motor Replacement Cost

  1. len

    Did I get ripped off this company shows up and does the job without telling me the price then charges me 1300 dollars to replace 2 condenser fan motors and a start kit I think 1300 is a con job can anyone tell me if my gut feeling is right thank you, ripped off

    1. Aaron Post author

      That does sound expensive but it really depends on the area, travel distance, and demand for HVAC techs. Prices always go up in the summer since HVAC techs are in such demand. Where I am located $400-$500 dollars would be the average cost to change out a condensing fan motor.

    2. Doug

      Depending on if the company installed an OEM motor, or authorized factory motor or a standard off the shelf motor. Also did they install new fan blade or mounting bracket? If it was just a generic off the shelf motor and cap with nothing more the 400 is fair. If the unit is on a two story roof then you may pay more too.

  2. Ana

    I was charged $822 dollars for replace condenser fan motor up to 1/2HP.
    Was I overcharged?


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