How Much Does it Cost to Replace a TXV Valve (2024)

By | March 13, 2024

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a TXV Valve

  • The average TXV replacement cost by an HVAC tech in 2024 is roughly $750-$1200.
  • The cost to buy a TXV Valve in 2024 is roughly $50-$200.
  • Prices can vary by location and time of year.
  • If you have had the TXV valve replaced, let us know in the comments the cost.

A TXV (Thermal Expansion Valve) is a necessary component used in HVAC systems to help adjust the boiling point of the refrigerant.

If it needs to be replaced, the cost will vary on replacement parts, labor, and location.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a TXV Valve?

The average total cost of replacing a TXV Valve is $750-$1200.

How Hard is It to Replace the TXV Valve?

How Hard is It to Replace the TXV Valve
Replacing the TXV Valve is an advanced HVAC task that also requires expensive tools.

The average labor time to replace a TXV Valve is between 2-4 hours but can be longer if the unit is in a bad location.

If the system has lost the refrigerant, it will need to be replaced; if not, the system will need to be pumped down, or the refrigerant recovered.

If the unit can be pumped down, it usually costs less compared to a recovery.

A new Drier will also be needed and should be replaced any time the system is opened up.
How Hard is It to Replace the TXV Valve Drier
A Drier is soldered into the high-pressure line and helps capture any debris or moisture in the system.

The average home DIY individual will not be to replace TXV Valve.

However, if you have pumped down or recovered an HVAC system before and have the tools, the parts are readily available online.

Removing the refrigerant and adding the correct amount back into the system is the most difficult part.

Most TXV Valves are bolted into place, but some may require soldering.

A new Drier will need to be soldered into place, which requires torches and the correct procedure.

What is a TXV Valve?

What is a TXV Valve
The TXV Valve is Used in HVAC systems to help to adjust the boiling point of refrigerant.

Boiling is essential to heating and coiling as it absorbs the heat from the air or water.

Water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit at sea level; however, the higher the sea level, the lower the boiling temperature.

The valve decreases the pressure to allow the refrigerant to boil at lower temperatures.

It is located before the evaporator coil and holds back the high-pressure liquid refrigerant from the condenser, and controls how much refrigerant can flow into the evaporator.

When the refrigerant flows into the TXV Valve, it is forced through a small orifice which causes the refrigerant to become part liquid and part vapor.

The liquid-vapor mixtures flow into the evaporator, where the heat is absorbed and usually blown away with a fan.

A sensing valve is located at the exit from the evaporator to monitor the temperature and adjust the TXV Valve as needed.

The average TXV or TEV valve replacement cost is roughly $750-$1200.

It can cost more or less with several things to be considered.

How damaged the HVAC unit is and if it lost its refrigerant will need to be considered.

Pumping down or recovering the refrigerant takes time which costs more.

All the units will need to be vacuumed down, which also takes time since pulling a good vacuum is not a quick task.

The cost for new parts will also vary from unit to unit.

Often how much in demand an HVAC technician is will also reflect in the price.

For example, in the summer, during very hot days, a technician can be very busy and in demand which can in some cases cause the prices to go up.

If you live in an area with an abundance of HVAC techs, you will likely not have an issue, but if you live in an area will only a few techs, the prices are likely higher.

Have you had a TXV valve replaced by an HVAC technician? How much did it cost you? Let us know in the comments below.

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