How To Change Out and Replace a Swamp Cooler Motor

By | April 24, 2023

How To Change Out A Swamp Cooler Motor 2019
Replacing a swamp cooler motor falls in the Do-It-Yourself category for a handy type of person.

Of course, if in doubt be sure to call a professional.

The side panels will need to be removed along with some basic tools to unbolt the motor.

When removing any bolts or wiring, be sure to take pictures to refer back to if needed.

How To Buy a New Swamp Evaporative Cooler Motor

A new motor can be bought at an HVAC supply store or online on Amazon or eBay.

A tag on the motor will show what Horsepower (HP) is along with the voltage it uses, such as 115-volts or 230-Volts.
How To Change Out A Swamp Cooler Motor
The tag will also show if it is a 1-speed or 2-speed motor.

A 1-speed motor always spins at one speed with no high or low.

A 2-speed motor will be able to have a high and low fan speed setting.

Example Swamp Cooler Motor On Amazon
Century SVB2054 1/2-1/6 HP, 1725/1140 RPM, 56Z Frame, CCWLE Rotation, 1/2-Inch by 1-5/8-Inch Flat Shaft Evaporative Cooler Motor

Below is a quick over of the steps along with the steps with pictures. A video is also at the bottom of the page if needed.

How To Change Out and Replace a Swamp Cooler Motor

  1. Turn off the power and verify it is off to the unit.
  2. Remove side panels exposing the motor.
  3. To Change Out A Swamp Cooler Motor

  4. Loosen the bolts that keep the belt tight if necessary. Often this can be skipped, and the belt is taken off as the wheel is slowly turned.
  5. replacing a swamp cooler motor

  6. Both sides of the motor will have clamps that hold it in place. Unscrew them, and the motor will come out.
  7. evaporitive cooler motor removal

  8. The wiring will be under a face plate and needs to be removed. For 2-speed motors, there will be three connections High, Low, and Common.
    swamp cooler wireing

    Sometimes the numbering will be obvious with an “H” for High, “L” for Low, and a “C” for common.
    swamp cooler two speed motor wiring high low common

    Other times the High and Low will be more cryptic. Look at the schematic on the side of the motor to see which is high and which is low.
    swamp cooler wiring 22

  9. The pulley will need to be moved to the new motor, which can sometimes be a pain. There is an Allen screw that holds it in place; once this is removed, it slides off.

    Often though, this is the toughest part of the job since the wheel can be rusted in place. Use sandpaper to remove rust from the tip of the shaft if possible and oil to help remove it. A puller is sometimes required, which can be rented at places such as Auto Zone.

    Every unit will be different on how tough they are stuck to the shaft sometimes; it is simpler to just buy a new pulley wheel.

  10. Once the pulley is on the new motor, next is to wire in the new motor.
  11. After verifying the wiring for high and low, swap the wires to the new motor, and screw back on the faceplate.
  12. At this point, everything is reverse of pulling it out. Put the clamp back on the motor that holds it in place and slip back on the belt.

Replacing an evaporative cooler motor is an easy task, but as with any project, if you don’t have a construction/HVAC background, then it may be best to hire someone.

The main steps are to remove the old motor and install the new one, wiring it in.

Be sure to match the old and new motors and get the correct replacement.

The last step is to be sure the belt is tightened up correctly and testing the unit.

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