How To Do It Yourself Gas Furnace Replacement (DIY)

By | August 28, 2014

If your old furnace has had its best days behind it and you need a new one installed and replaced, then installing it your self is always a possibility. This will depend on your abilities and HVAC/construction skills. The main issue will be safety for not only installing a furnace but mainly when dealing with a gas line, and exhaust of the furnace.
Most furnace units will already have a gas line run so making sure the connections are secure and there are no leaks will be one of the main safety concern. The second major safety concern would be ventilation. Making sure all the carbon monoxide is vented properly to the outside.
The replacement and Installing of the unit most likely will require some retrofitting the unit in since return air and supply air vents are often different sizes. The unit may also be smaller and need to be retrofitted into place.
How much a unit cost will depends on the type of unit you buy. Most furnaces cost between 400-1500 dollars depending on what you need. Of course the savings of doing it yourself will obviously be big.
Going to Home Depot will not be an option but the good news is you can buy a unit online easily. Since most people will not know where to buy a furnace online and how trusted the site is I always suggest Amazon. Amazon believe it or not has a huge selection of furnaces on their site.
There are also plenty of YouTube videos which explain things very well and have some good how-to videos on installing a furnace. The main focus besides saving money of course will be safety. Triple check the gas and exhaust fitting to be sure there is no leaks.

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