Choosing the Correct Multi Meter for HVAC Heating Cooling

By | September 8, 2014

What is a HVAC multi meter?

A HVAC multi meter is very similar to a standard multipurpose multi meter except the ranges it can read are set much higher and lower then a average multi meter. Also a HVAC multi meter is built more sturdy then a multi meter that would be used in a office building for example, since it will be used outside on roofs, under houses, and in all manner of weather.
For these reasons A HVAC multi meters are much more expensive than a standard meter. Beside ruggedness here are the basic differences between a Differences between a standard multi meter and HVAC multi meter
1…The voltage range: most HVAC meters need to read high voltages at least 600 volts AC and 300 volts DC and needs to read the voltage down to 1 Milli volt increments.
2…Amperage: A HVAC meter needs to read 1/100 of a AMP and up to 300 Amps.
3…Resistance: Needs to read 1/10 of an Ohm and up to 5 Mega Ohms.
4…Micro Amps: Capable of reading 1/10 of a Micro Amp
Also most HVAC meters have accessories that are invaluable for a HVAC technician such as a backlight on the meter display when they are in a dark attic or basement. Clamps are also a common feature making it easy to read Amp loads by simply clamping around a wire instead of having to use the leads. Some even have a LED flash light and surface temperature probes to read the air temperature at the supply and return.

What Is The Best HVAC Multi Meter?
There is no best HVAC multi meter, there are name brands such as Fluke, Klein, Fieldpiece and so on. But much like the Chevy Vs Ford argument there isn’t one brand and models that everyone agrees on. The only thing we can really do is look at HVAC multi meters on sites such as Amazon. Then read through the reviews, specifications, and look at the prices for what fits your budget.
Buying the meter that fits your needs is what is important in the end. Just like the way everyone drives different cars depending on prices, taste, and needs the same will be true about buying a meter. Just be sure to read the reviews on Amazon before choosing. Nothing beats the advice then from someone in the field already using the device before you do, and with out having to go through the whole “why did I buy this one?”.

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