Low Cost Digital HVAC Gauges

By | April 8, 2015

Cheap Digital HVAC Gauges

Looking to get a set of digital gauges but don’t want to spend and arm and a leg to do it?
There are a few options to get started.
Digital gauges will always be more expensive simply because there is much more engineering that goes into them compared to standard manifold gauges.
With that said prices have come down from there early introduction.
Like with any tool it comes down to what makes troubleshooting a system easier and quicker.
If you are starting out in HVAC than digital gauges are a great tool to have. They cause less user mistakes and give a reading that doesn’t require a chart.
Standard HVAC gauges still have their place and there are many old school techs that would never use a digital set. But digital gauges can give a technician information standard gauges can’t give such as super heat and temperature readings
There are some specialized digital gauges that do only one task such as vacuum down a system showing the microns with an alarm that can be preset to go off when a vacuum is reached.
Here is one such example.

Here is another specialized item that calculates super heat.

Of course if you have the money getting a full on expensive digital gauge is the only way to get all the benefits that digital gauges can give.
But one tool doesn’t fit everyone. What works for one tech will not work for another. If all you need is a digital super heat calculator than buying that item singly is obviously the best option. Like wise for with the other options such as the digital vacuum gauge.
As always working effectively as possible the goal. If a tool can help you get a job done better than that is the one to get.
For reviews on the popular SMAN digital gauge read here.

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