Causes and Fixes of a Mini Split EL-01 Error Code

By | January 16, 2024

An EL-01 Error on some mini split units indicates a communication problem between the inside and outside units.

This includes Pioneer, Carrier, and more units, but be sure to check the error codes for your specific unit.

There can be a difference in errors depending on the manufacturer and model, so always verify your mini split error code with the manual for the unit.

What is a Mini Split EL-01 Error Code?

A mini split EL-01 error code is a communication error between indoor unit and outdoor units.

The EL-01 error is a serial communication error between the indoor and outdoor units, meaning the two units are not able to communicate properly with each other.

This could be due to a fault in the indoor or outdoor PCB or wiring.

Causes and Fixes of a Mini Split EL 01 Error Code

  • Wiring Connections or Voltage

  • The error could be a wiring issue between the indoor and outdoor units. If the wiring connections are not correct, the error EL 01 code may appear.

    Check the voltage going into the unit as well as the communication lines between the indoor and outdoor units.

  • Damaged Wires

  • If there are damaged wires, then there will be an issue with the unit.

    Sometimes, small rodents can chew on wires, causing problems. Examine the wire and be sure they do not have any damage and are making good connections.

  • Faulty Circuit Board (PCB)

  • A bad or faulty PCB board will cause problems.

    The voltage can be checked at the indoor unit, and if no voltage is present, the PCB may be bad and need to be tested.

    There is also a small relay that the PCB board controls can cause issues if it fails.

  • Faulty Unit
  • If the outside condenser or inside unit malfunctions, then it can cause many issues, including an EL-01 code.

    There are several main components in both units that will need to be tested along with the internal wiring.

  • Blown Fuse on Circuit Board
  • A blown circuit board fuse will stop the unit from working, leading to the error code displaying.

    There are often several circuit boards inside the indoor and outdoor unit that can have fuses.

    This includes the power supply and main PCB boards. If a fuse blows on one of the boards, it can cause errors.

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