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What is the Quietest Electric Space Heaters?

Electric space heaters are a nice convenience but can be annoying if they are loud buzzing or hissing while putting out heat. Having a quiet electric space heater can no-doubt help make a home more comfortable. So what are the quietest space heaters? There is different types of technology used with space heaters making some… Read More »

Our Picks for the Best Quietest Space Heater

Space heaters can be great units for heating a room or maintaining warmth but sometimes can be annoying with loud hissing and buzzing noises at times. Most electric space heaters have a fan to dissipate heat into a room and make some noise. There are however units that make little to no noise and can… Read More »

What is the Best Ways To Heat a Garage?

Garages are often the last place heat is added in a home but can become necessary to have a comfortable work area. Often it depends on the climate for what is the best way to heat an open space such as a garage. For example, what works in the American Southwest likely wont work as… Read More »

Types of Electric Space Heaters for Home Use

Space heaters are are small and versatile units that can be used in an emergency or as supplemental heat. There are many types of space heaters available in different designs and options for a home. Most all will come with a built-in thermostat and high low temperature settings along with other features. The type of… Read More »

What is the for Best Heater for an RV?

Heating an RV very much depends on the source of power you have available. For example, a RV hooked up to a good electric source can easily use electric heating units. Of course, while camping away from a good electric power source propane is likely is a better option. Each have their pros and cons… Read More »