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What is the Quietest Electric Space Heaters?

Electric space heaters are a nice convenience but can be annoying if they are loud buzzing or hissing while putting out heat. Having a quiet electric space heater can no-doubt help make a home more comfortable. So what are the quietest space heaters? There is different types of technology used with space heaters making some… Read More »

Our Picks for Best Portable Heaters with a Thermostat

A portable heater can be a real benefit in the winter, from an under-performing HVAC unit to heating a space such as a garage. Units that have a thermostat are great since they turn on and off automatically. Do Electric Heaters Have Thermostats? Yes, many electric heaters have a thermostat to adjust the temperature. Most… Read More »

Our Picks for Best Heaters for a Greenhouse

The best heater for a greenhouse will vary unit-to-unit as to climate, cost, and how well the greenhouse is built. In my opinion, a gas or electric heater is the best to use, but for another, a wood burner may be a better option. I live in the desert with no ready supply of wood,… Read More »

Our Picks for Best Indoor Heaters for Large Rooms

Large rooms can be difficult to keep warm depending on a few different factors. Things such as how well-insulated a room is and how cold it is outside can have an effect on how well it stays warm. Indoor heaters are a great way to help supplement an existing heating and cooling system and even… Read More »

Mobile Home Furnace Overview and Buyers Guide

Table of contents Types of Mobile Home Furnaces Standard Furnace vs. Mobile Home Furnace Components of a Mobile Home Furnace and Air Conditioning 80% vs. 90% Furnaces Sizing a Mobile Home Furnace Climates Ton vs. BTUs Sizing Chart for Mobile Home Furnace Updraft vs. Down Draft Furnace Mobile Home Furnace Prices How Much Will it… Read More »

Types of Electric Space Heaters for Home Use

Space heaters are are small and versatile units that can be used in an emergency or as supplemental heat. There are many types of space heaters available in different designs and options for a home. Most all will come with a built-in thermostat and high low temperature settings along with other features. The type of… Read More »