Types of Electric Space Heaters for Home Use

By | August 10, 2020

Space heaters are are small and versatile units that can be used in an emergency or as supplemental heat.

There are many types of space heaters available in different designs and options for a home.

Most all will come with a built-in thermostat and high low temperature settings along with other features.

The type of unit that works best will vary depending on the scenario.

Blow is a list of the most popular types of space heaters for a home.

Types of Electric Space Heaters for Home Use

  • Electric Space Heaters
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    Electric space heaters are the most commonly used type of portable heating in homes. They are very versatile and can be used in most any room that has electricity.

    They work by using one or more elements that send out heat when electricity is applied to it. Much the way a light bulb gives out heat only on a bigger scale.

    Ceramic is the most common type of elements used along with coils. Fans are used in most electric units to help spread out the heat.

    Design range from small and compact to large models that swing about to evenly give out heat in a room.

  • Oil-Filled Radiator Heaters
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    Oil-filled radiator heaters work by heating oil in an enclosed case which radiates out heat. They are more efficient than most other type of units.

    They are slow to heat up but stay warm for a longer periods of time compared to units that use an element. For this reason don’t expect instant heat with an oil-filled heater as they are built to help maintain a steady room temperature.

    Often, they are used in combination with a quick electric ceramic based unit, with the oil based unit helping to maintain heat in a room.

    When used right they can be of a real benefit to a home and operate quietly.

  • Panel Heater
  • types-of-space-heaters-2017-flat-panel
    A panel heater works like a space heater but can be mounted on a wall to save space. A unit can also be mounted on wheels and moved about.

    They are very quiet with almost no noise and safe to use. Units like the DeLonghi below use a Mica thermic technology that uses electromagnetic waves to safely radiate heat without a blower.

    Finding the right space heater for your home can go a long way in staying warm and comfortable.

    There are many units to choose from with those above simple a few of the many available options.

    Electric units can use up the amps available on a home breaker so it is always best to dedicate it to its own breaker by itself.

    Plugging in multiple electronics on one breaker can be hazardous and should never be attempted.

    As always be sure to read the reviews on a unit to be sure it is a good fit for you and your home.

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