Best Ventless Air Conditioner for a Room with no Windows

By | May 11, 2023

Best Ventless Air Conditioner for a Room with no Windows
If you have a room with no windows or vents and need a ventless air conditioner, there are different options.

There are several cooling solutions for rooms that have no way to vent cool air inside a home or building.

What is a Ventless Air Conditioner?

A ventless air conditioner cools a room without any ducts.

Most air conditioner needs vents to send the conditioned air into a room.

Ventless air conditioners do not have vents and only have one location that sends out cool air.

This includes vents to the outside, such as basements or rooms with no windows.

Ventless A/C units are commonly used to cool such rooms when there are no other options.

Best Ventless Air Conditioner Options for a Room with No Windows

  • Mini Split
  • Best Ventless Air Conditioner for a Room with no Windows Mini Split
    Mini split units are the best way to add an air conditioner to a ventless room.

    They are highly efficient, quiet, and what a professional HVAC company would install.

    A mini split has three main components the inside air handler, outside evaporator, and line set.

    The inside unit can be mounted on a wall or the ceiling, while the outside unit is placed outdoors.

    The line set is small copper tubes that carry the refrigerant and is run between the two units carrying heat away from the room.

    A line set is roughly 3-inches wide and can be run through a wall or roof and bent to go to different outside locations.

    This makes a mini split the best long-term solution.

    Mini split units are highly versatile and used in many scenarios. They are often used in rooms that have no other way to get conditioned air.

  • Portable Air Conditioner
  • Best Ventless Air Conditioner for a Room with no Windows Portable Air Conditioner
    Portable air conditioners are also widely used to cool a room with no vents.

    They will have a 5-7 inch hose that will need to be fed out of the room.
    Best Ventless Air Conditioner for a Room with no Windows Hole in Wall 2
    The hose is often fed out a door, through the ceiling, or any location the hot air can be pumped out.

    Often a hose is fed up to the ceiling, which sends the hot air into an attic.

    The hose can also be fed out of any location that goes outside or another room to pump out hot air.

    Portable units can work well but are less permanent and less efficient compared to a mini split.

    They are easier to install and set up, which is often a plus for many.

  • Evaporative Cooler
  • Best Ventless Air Conditioner for a Room with no Windows Evaporative Air Cooler
    Evaporative units are a good option in hot, dry climates as they do not work in humid climates.

    If you do live in a very dry area such as the American southwest, then evaporative coolers are a good option.

    They also do not need any vents to work.

    Evaporative units work from evaporating water which cools a space.

    There are many different types of evaporative coolers, from small handheld units to big whole house units.

    While they work very well in dry climates, they will not cool when there is moisture in the air, and it is humid.

Is There a Ventless Air Conditioner for a Room with No Windows

Yes, there are three main options for a room with no windows and no vents.

The main options include a mini-split, evaporative cooler, and portable air conditioning units.

Which unit works best will vary on the building and factors such as price.

Are Ventless Air Conditioners any Good?

Yes, there are many good ventless air conditioner units?

Some work better than others, depending on the climate and layout of the room.

Can You run a Portable Air Conditioner Without an Exhaust Hose?

If the portable unit is an evaporative cooler, then yes, it can be run without a hose.

If the portable unit is an air conditioner-only unit, then no, it will not work without an exhaust to vent outside.

Portable evaporative coolers work from evaporating water and do not need a vent but only work in dry climates.

Portable air conditioner-only units need a vent hose to pump out the hot air from a room.

Can You Use a Portable Air Conditioner in a Room with No Windows?

As long as the exhaust hose is fed outside the room, then yes, they can be used.

If the vent hose cannot be fed outside, then no, a portable air conditioner will not work.

Having a room with no way to vent out or in hot air is a problem that has three main solutions.

The best solution is to install a mini split and have the line set run outside.

The refrigerant line set, which is roughly 3-inches wide, can be run through walls, ceilings, or almost anywhere to the outside.

Once the line set is run, an inside air handler will work with an outside condenser to cool and even heat a room.

This is commonly done and what most HVAC companies will recommend.

A portable air conditioning unit can also be used as long as a 5-7 inch hose can be fed out of the room.

The hose can be fed out anywhere; that is best to pump the hot air out of the room.

Portable evaporative coolers are also a good option but only in dry climates as they will not work when it is humid.

Do you have a room with no windows or any way to vent hot air in or out? Let us know in the comments below.

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