What is The Most Energy Efficient Mini Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump?

By | March 7, 2021

What is The Most Energy Efficient Mini Split Air Conditioner
Mini split units are very good heating and cooling units that are known for their efficiency.

While most units are more efficient compared to big traditional home HVAC systems some units are more efficient than others.

What Makes a Mini Split Air Conditioner Energy Efficient
Several factors make a mini split energy efficient including being ductless, and more importantly the inverter-driven compressor.

Mini split units are ductless with standard home HVAC duct systems losing on average 25 percent or more of the conditioned air.

Removing duct-work that has been traditionally used to blow air into a home makes a more efficient system.

Mini split units also have inverter-driven compressors that speed up and slow down depending on the demand.
What is The Most Energy Efficient Mini Split Air Conditioner Inverter Compressor
This means they don’t shut off completely as traditional HVAC compressors do.

The biggest demand for energy with an HVAC unit is during startup. Traditional compressors will draw a large amount of power during the start and then level off after running a few minutes.

Most big home units turn off and back on constantly in a cycle that uses a lot of energy.

Mini split units with inverter-driven compressors can save a lot of energy without heavy up and down spikes.

For these reasons along with better technologies mini split units are very efficient to run.

How To Read the Energy Efficiency of a Mini Split
All HVAC systems have a SEER rating (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) that shows how efficient they are.

The higher the SEER rating the more energy efficient a unit is.
What is The Most Energy Efficient Mini Split Air Conditioner SEER Rating
A SEER rating is based on the output a system has over a heating or cooling season divided by the total electric energy input.

Other standards include EER and COP which are not used as much as the SEER rating.

EER or COP is used with HVAC systems but not displayed on mini split units as much as the SEER rating.

When looking for the most efficient mini split system find the SEER rating number. The higher the number the more efficient the system is.

Most traditional HVAC systems have a rating of 10-16 SEER with 14 SEER often installed on most new homes.

Mini split systems commonly range from 17-38 SEER depending on the unit.

There are many good units with those below the most energy-efficient we have found.

As always be sure to read the reviews on Amazon, here, or elsewhere to be sure a unit is a good fit for you.

Be sure to read the listings below for any changes in SEER rating and what is included in any kit.

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Best Energy Efficient Mini Split Air Conditioners 2021

  1. Cooper and Hunter Dakota Hyper Heat 25 Seer
  2. Best Energy Efficient Mini Split Air Conditioners Cooper and Hunter Dakota Hyper Heat
    Available Here on Amazon

    Available Here on eBay

    The Cooper and Hunter Dakota Hyper Heat have different sizes ranging from 9,000 BTU to 24,000 BTU.

    The units have a 25 SEER rating which is very good and able to keep working down to -22 degrees Fahrenheit.

    There are kits sold that come with everything needed for an install except electrical, be sure to check the listing for what is included.

  3. Mitsubishi 9,000-12,000 BTU 24 Seer

  4. Available Here on Sylvane

    Available Here on eBay

    Mitsubishi is a well-known manufacturer of quality mini split systems with good warranties.

    They are built to last many years and make some of the most energy efficient units available.

    The downside is they cost more but the price can be worth it for those who want a very reliable mini split that also uses less energy.

    There are many different Mitsubishi model sizes and SEER rating so be sure to check the listing for the SEER rating.

  5. Gree 9,000 BTU 38 SEER
  6. Available Here on Amazon

    Available Here on eBay

    Gree is a Chinese company that sells mini split units all around the world.

    This unit is a 9,000 BTU system with a very high 38 SEER rating.

    While the SEER rating is very high be sure to read reviews as there are mixed results for how well they operate.

  7. Fujitsu 9,000 BTU 33 SEER
  8. Available Here on Amazon

    Available Here on eBay

    Fujitsu makes this 9000 BTU unit with a 33 SEER rating.

    It is a wall mount system with 9,000 BTUs able to cool 350 to 400 Sq Ft.

    A 33 SEER rating is very good and one of the current best ratings available.

  9. Daikin LV Series Mini Split 24.5 SEER
  10. Available Here on eBay

    Daikin makes many good HVAC systems including well-built mini split units.

    This 12,000 BTU package has a SEER rating of 24.5 which makes it a very efficient unit.

    12,000 BTU is rated to heat or cools a space roughly 450 to 550 Sq Ft.

    Daikin mini split units work very well heating and cooling while saving energy.

Most Energy Efficient Mini Split Air Conditioner Comparison Table

NameBTU'sSEER Rating
Cooper Hunter Dakota Hyper Heat9,000-12,00025 SEER
Mitsubishi Hyper Heat9,000-12,00033.1 SEER
Gree 9,000 38 SEER
Fujitsu 9,00033 SEER
Daikin 12,00024.5 SEER

Installing a mini split is a good way to heat and cool a space along with saving energy.

Besides being better for the environment this can also bring don electrical bills.

Another factor to consider when buying a unit is the build quality and warranty a package comes with.

Preferences can vary from person-to-person how good a brand is.

For example, personally, I prefer Daikin and Mitsubishi units with Daikin my go-to brand.

Again this is a preference with many of the other brands working great for many years.

Installation can also be a big factor since many of the high SEER units do not come in a DIY kit.

While they can be installed by a knowledgeable homeowner an HVAC company will likely be needed.

Hiring an HVAC company for install can run up costs making DIY kits very popular.

Most DIY kits have SEER ratings around 17-19 SEER which is still a very good rating compared to a traditional home HVAC system.

Traditional systems have a rating of 12-16 SEER with 14 SEER the most common.

Have you found a very good mini split brand with a high SEER rating? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. Mark Hutchins

    I am amazed how many new players have arrived onto the mini-split market. Bosch and GE are new players. Bosch boosts of ultra quiet and high efficient for a DIY mini-split. I enjoyed your article. Thanks!


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