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How To Replace an Evaporative Swamp Cooler Fan Motor Belt

Replacing a bad Evaporative cooler belt is part of regular maintenance and something that a home DIYer can do.   Each swamp cooler will have its own build and different belt sizes that can be bought at most home improvement stores, or online.   A bad swamp cooler belt will have cracks and pieces starting… Read More »

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How to Clean a Window Air Conditioner

Cleaning a window air conditioner unit is something that needs to be done at least once a year to keep the unit operating the best it possibly can.   Most clean their units at the end of the cooling season such as September but it can be cleaned whenever it is convenient.   Items needed… Read More »

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How to Quiet an Air Conditioner That Rattles or Buzzes

As an air conditioning unit ages it can start to make rattling or buzzing sounds that can be distracting.   While calling a HVAC technician is always recommend there are some things that can be done by the DIYer to see if the problem goes away.   The first thing is to simple go around… Read More »

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Tips to Help Quiet Down a Window Air Conditioning Unit

Having a quiet window mounted air conditioner can go a long way in creating a comfortable living space.   The noise a window unit makes does vary between manufactures but there is somethings you can do to help get rid of unwanted noise.   Here are some of the things I have found over the… Read More »

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What Is the Best Way to Heat and Cool a Mobile Home?

Heating and cooling a mobile home can defer from a standard home.   From the installation of a HVAC system to the build of the mobile home itself some things defer from conventional home.   Installation of a air conditioning system into a mobile can often be easier since they are often not set on… Read More »

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How To Replace the Capacitor In a Window Air Conditioning Unit

Replacing the capacitor in a window air conditioner is no a difficult task but car must taken so no harm is done to yourself or the unit.   If you have no experience in HVAC, electrical, or other equivalent background it would be best to buy a new unit since high voltage is fed into… Read More »

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DIY Heat Pump Ductless Mini Split Unit

Heat pumps are very versatile in the way they can heat and cool a space.   Mini split heat pumps can be installed into anything from a garage to a shed.   Home additions are also a good use of a mini split heat pump, when the duct work can’t be extended.   Another benefit… Read More »

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Step-By-Step How To Clean Dryer Vent

Cleaning a dryer vent is one of those necessary household chores that needs to be done occasionally.   There are cleaning services that will come out clean it for you but cleaning the dryer vent is a easy DIY fix that can save money.   Items Needed A few items are necessary to clean the… Read More »

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How to Fix A Loud Noisy Heat Pump Unit

A noisy loud heat pump can be a annoyance especially when sleeping or watching TV.   Not all heat pump are made the same when it comes to how much noise they make.   Some are so quiet you don’t even know it has turned on while others can force you to turn the volume… Read More »

Window Air Conditioning Unit Alternatives

Window air conditioners are low cost quick solutions that work as a easy to install cooling units.   While they do work there is much better options such as an evaporator cooler, mini split or even portable cooling units.   Window mounted A/C units can be loud and take up space around a window blocking… Read More »

How To Secure an Air Conditioner with a Security Cage Kit

Securing an air conditioner with a security cage kit is something many need done to help prevent an A/C unit from being stolen or vandalized.   Security kits come in all shapes and sizes and can even be built by someone with welding skills.   Most kits uses metal bars to prevent theft while more… Read More »

Window Air Conditioner and Rain

Window mounted air conditioners are low cost devices that will cool a space when it becomes hot.   They are popular since they cost less then most other types of heating and cooling equipment such as standard whole house units.   Like any equipment maintenance and care must be given to a window unit for… Read More »

The Top Quiet Window Mounted Air Conditioner Reviews 2017

Finding a quiet window mounted air conditioner can be a challenge. Mainly since the noisy components, the compressor and fan, are located directly inside the packaged unit.   Since the compressor is located in the unit and not outside away from the home some degree of noise will always be present.   With that said… Read More »

How To Clean the Indoor Coil on a Window Air Conditioner

Window air conditioners are good at keeping a room cool when it is hot but do need maintenance to work properly.   One of the maintenance requirements they need is cleaning the coils inside and outside so that air can properly remove heat.   If the inside coils become clogged no air can blow past… Read More »

Our Picks for Best Wet Dry Vacuums for HVAC

Having a good Wet Dry Vac to clean up a mess or drain out water is a must have tool for a HVAC tech.   There are many sizes and brands to choose from in all different price ranges.   Portability is the main concern and storing it, taking it out and packing it should… Read More »

Our Picks for Top Best Thermostats for Homes

Thermostats are everyday items that keep our lives comfortable whether it is hot or cold.   Getting a good one for your heating and cooling system can also save on cost by reducing the temperature when it is needed the least.   There is also WiFi and smart thermostats that have many added features.  … Read More »

What is the Quietest Electric Space Heaters?

Electric space heaters are a nice convenience but can be annoying if they are loud.   Having a quiet electric space heater can no-doubt help make a home more comfortable.   So what are the quietest space heaters?   There is different types of technology used with space heaters making some of them less noisy… Read More »