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How to Quiet an Air Conditioner That Rattles or Buzzes

As an air conditioning unit ages it can start to make rattling or buzzing sounds that can be distracting.   While calling a HVAC technician is always recommend there are some things that can be done by the DIYer to see if the problem goes away.   The first thing is to simple go around… Read More »

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What is A Window Mounted Air Conditioner?

Window mounted air conditioners are small cooling units that fit into a window and lower the temperature of a room.   A window HVAC package has the advantage over a large standard home A/C unit in that it is cheap and easily installed by a novice user.   Some disadvantages are that they can only… Read More »

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Portable Air Conditioner Vs Window Mounted

Should you buy a window mounted mounted A/C unit or portable unit?   Let look at the positives and negatives of both as well as other things that separates them.   Window Mounted Window air conditioning units have been in use for many years and are a tested way to cool a space in a… Read More »

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What Is the Best Way to Heat and Cool a Mobile Home?

Heating and cooling a mobile home can defer from a standard home.   From the installation of a HVAC system to the build of the mobile home itself some things defer from conventional home.   Installation of a air conditioning system into a mobile can often be easier since they are often not set on… Read More »

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How To Clean a Window Air Conditioner Filter

Window air conditioner units need basic service done to them or they will not work as well as they should.   One of the more important things to be done is to clean the filter from dust and other debris that can block the air flow.   When air flow is block a A/C unit… Read More »

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How To Replace the Capacitor In a Window Air Conditioning Unit

Replacing the capacitor in a window air conditioner is no a difficult task but car must taken so no harm is done to yourself or the unit.   If you have no experience in HVAC, electrical, or other equivalent background it would be best to buy a new unit since high voltage is fed into… Read More »

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DIY Heat Pump Ductless Mini Split Unit

Heat pumps are very versatile in the way they can heat and cool a space.   Mini split heat pumps can be installed into anything from a garage to a shed.   Home additions are also a good use of a mini split heat pump, when the duct work can’t be extended.   Another benefit… Read More »

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Step-By-Step How To Clean Dryer Vent

Cleaning a dryer vent is one of those necessary household chores that needs to be done occasionally.   There are cleaning services that will come out clean it for you but cleaning the dryer vent is a easy DIY fix that can save money.   Items Needed A few items are necessary to clean the… Read More »

How To Recharge a Window Air Conditioner Unit Basics

Recharging a window air conditioner is not something many do as they are often throw away units with a new one bought.   They can however be recharged with refrigerant and be put back to work cooling a room or space.   Recharging a unit is not difficult but if you have never worked with… Read More »

How to Clean a Window Air Conditioner

Cleaning a window air conditioner unit is something that needs to be done at least once a year to keep the unit operating the best it possibly can.   Most clean their units at the end of the cooling season such as September but it can be cleaned whenever it is convenient.   Items needed… Read More »

How to Hookup or Repair a Swamp Cooler Water Line

Swamp coolers need a constant flow of water to work.   Hooking into a home water line for a swamp cooler can be done a few different ways depending on the placement of a unit and types of water pipes.   Here are a few ways it can be done.   1…Use a Swamp Cooler… Read More »

Tips to Help Quiet Down a Window Air Conditioning Unit

Having a quiet window mounted air conditioner can go a long way in creating a comfortable living space.   The noise a window unit makes does vary between manufactures but there is somethings you can do to help get rid of unwanted noise.   Here are some of the things I have found over the… Read More »

Our Picks for Best HVAC Tool Bags

Buying a HVAC tool bag is something that very much must fit the user.   A tool bag can be the best available and will not be any good unless it feels right to the person using it.   Many things can effect this from the packet layout to the handles used to carry it… Read More »

Pioneer Mini Split Install 9000 BTU 15 SEER 110v Part 2

  After mounting the inside unit on a wall the line-set need to be run to the outside condensing unit.   Getting a good solid level surface is critical with most laying a small cement slab for it to sit on. There are other ways to mount a mini split such as brackets on the… Read More »