Preventative Maintenance on an ICP Gas Pack

By | October 24, 2014

ICP gas pack label

I and a coworker, had to do PM (preventative maintenance) on thirty ICP (International Comfort Products) Gas Pack units at a local high school for the upcoming winter. Basically, checking/cleaning the igniters, flame sensor, blower motor amp draw, testing the run capacitor, and putting in new filters.

I thought I would make a video that turned into three short ones and take some pictures for anyone that needs to do this or just needs information in general.

The first thing I do is swap out the filters, which the unit has two; one sits on top of the other. Wear gloves or be careful when handling filters of this type, as the metal rings will cut you.

Basically, power off the unit, and install the new ones making sure the arrow is pointing in the correct direction.

Replace the Air Filters

  1. Turn the power off.
  2. power down ICP gas pack

  3. Remove the panel door (5/16 screws).
  4. ICP filter panel door

  5. Remove the old filters.
  6. ICP gas pack old filter location

  7. Install the new ones making sure the arrow is pointing correctly.
  8. New gas pack ICP filter
    ICP arrow direction

Testing the Igniter, Flame Sensor Components

  1. Take the panel door off to the furnace components.
  2. ICP panel door

  3. I always brush the dust out .
  4. ICP brushing out unit

  5. Next check and clean the igniter and flame sensor.<.li>
    ICP igniter and  flame sensor removal

  6. Here is the flame sensor on the top and the igniter is on the bottom glowing.
  7. ICP igniters and flame sensor

  8. If the flame sensor is dirty clean it with a little piece of Emory cloth.
  9. ICP Clean the flame sensor

  10. Next we need to check the blower motor Amp draw. Turn on the heat by jumpering white and red.
  11. ICP call to heat

  12. With the blower motor running test the Amp draw.
  13. ICP blower motor amp draw test

  14. Look at the flames to be on and if all is good.
  15. ICP flames heat exchanger

  16. Put the wiring back together correctly so the thermostat can regulate it.
  17. ICP gas pack thermostat wiring

Checking the Run Capacitor

  1. Take the door panel off.
  2. ICP gas pack panel door

  3. Use a meter to test the Run Capacitor this one is rated at 15uf.
  4. ICP gas pack Run capacitor

    ICP gas pack Run capacitor testing

    testing run capcitor

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