How to Replace a Gas Furnace Igniter York

By | October 21, 2014

The furnace igniter is a necessary part of a furnace that will not work if it goes bad.

The igniter produces a spark that will ignite the gas and produce a flame.

Replacing a gas furnace igniter is one of those fixes that many DIY-type people can do.

In modern furnaces, it is as simple as unplugging the connector and unscrewing the old part, and screwing in the new one.

In fact, many suggest keeping an extra igniter for your furnace for the cold months because the simple fix can wind up costing a lot of money for a service call.

Below are the steps for how to replace a gas furnace igniter using a York furnace as an example.

Steps to Replace a Gas Furnace Igniter York

  1. Turn off the power to the unit. This can be done by a switch or by simply unplugging it.
  2. power off the furnace

  3. Open the door of the unit to gain access to the working parts.
  4. York furnace door

  5. Next locate the igniter and unplug it.
  6. york gas furnace igniter
    york furnace igniter  plug

  7. Remove the screw or screws holding it in place.
  8. unscrew York furnace igniter
    York furnace  igniter  unscrewed

  9. Remove the old part and insert the new one.
  10. replacing igniter

  11. Put the screw back in and plug the connecter back together.
  12. gas furnace igniter done

  13. Put the panel door back on, power on the unit and test it.

Replacing a gas furnace igniter in a York furnace is a straightforward task that falls in the DIY category.

While not difficult, be sure to call a professional HVAC technician if in doubt.

If the igniter fails, the furnace will not be able to ignite the gas and will not provide any flame.

This is a common problem with many furnaces, and replacing the igniter should be a part of regular preventive maintenance.

Have you had any issues with a York furnace igniter? Let us know your thoughts below.

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  1. Al Ohm

    I have an 30 plus year old gas forced air furnace which is working fine, however it uses a pilot light, Should it be replaced with an igniter, is there any significant cost to the constantly on pilot light. Is it worth changing its not having any problems thank you for your advice


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