Our Picks for Best DIY Mini Split Tool Kits

By | March 15, 2020

Best Mini Split Tool Kit
Anyone looking to do a DIY mini split install will need a few basic HVAC tools to get the job done.

Basic tools include HVAC gauges, vacuum pump, along with a hose adapter and a few other optional tools.

If you already have some tools read here for a list of tools needed to install a mini split.

The kits below are for those who have no HVAC tools to start with.

Be sure to read the reviews on Amazon, forums, or elsewhere to be sure a kit is a good fit for you.

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Our Picks for Best Mini Split Tool Kit 2019

  1. XtremepowerUS 71098
  2. XtremepowerUS Premium 4CFM Air Vacuum Pump HVAC A/C Refrigeration Kit AC Manifold Gauge Case Set w/Leak Detector and Carrying Tote Bag

    XtremepowerUS makes this kit that includes all the basic tools to install a mini split system.

    It even includes a refrigerant leak detector which is a nice plus.

    There is no torque wrench and only a few adapters to connect the line-set.

    Most all mini-split units use a a 5/16″ Female Coupler to 1/4″ Male Flare to connect the manifold gauges to the unit.

    Of course, check the mini-split unit to see what size connection it uses.
    Here is the Mini Split Adapter Coupler on Amazon
    R410A Adapter | 5/16″ Female Quick Couplers x 1/4″ Male Flare for Outdoor Units Mini Split & HVAC & Central Air Conditioner System(Pack of 2) (145°)

  3. Kozyvacu KZTA35013 Kit
  4. Kozyvacu AUTO AC Repair Complete Tool Kit with 1-Stage 3.5 CFM Vacuum Pump, Manifold Gauge Set, Hoses and its Acccessories

    This kit from Kozyvacu is a low-cost set of basic tools that would be good for a home do-it-yourself job or a part-time HVAC tech.

    It includes a vacuum pump and gauges along with many fitting to hook up to a unit.

    It does not include a line-set torque wrench which is not mandatory but can be good to have if you are new to installing a mini split.
    Best Mini Split Tool Kit Adapter Wrench
    The bolts on the line-set need to be tight as not to lose a vacuum but not over tight which would strip them.

    Most HVAC techs don’t use a torque wrench with it being a personal choice depending on your skill.

    If you have worked as a mechanic or similar tightening many bolts before you likely won’t need a torque wrench.

    The Kozyvacu kit is a good low-cost solution to get a job done.

  5. YELLOW JACKET 60991 Kit
  6. YELLOW JACKET 60991 Mini-Split Tool Kit

    Yellow Jacket is a well-known HVAC tool manufacturer that makes many good products.

    The one downside to Yellow Jacket is the cost. They are tools built for a professional and will last a long time.

    Their mini split tool kit includes almost all the basic tools needed when working on a unit, except the vacuum pump.

    It includes the gauges, hex keys, flare tool, cutter, and line-set torque wrench.

    This is a good kit for a HVAC tech who already has a HVAC vacuum pump.

If you are doing a mini-split install and have no tools to start with a kit can be a good start.

Keep in mind a cordless drill, hole saw, and wrenches will also be needed.

For a homeowner doing a mini split install to save money a low-cost set of tools will be good enough.

For a professional HVAC tech more expensive brand names will be needed for the tools to last many years.

Have you found and used a good mini-split tool kit? Let us know in the comments below.



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