How To Troubleshoot and Fix a Mini Split P2 Error Code

By | April 23, 2019

How To Troubleshoot and Fix a Mini Split P2 Error Code
If an P2 error code displays on a mini split there are a few things a DIY type person can do before calling an HVAC tech.

Of course if in-doubt always call a professional.

Below are the steps to troubleshoot and fix an P2 error code.

What is a P2 Error Code on a Mini Split?
If this error is looked up in a book it will say “Diagnosis for over temperature protection of compressor’s top.”

This means the main board is reading the compressor is overheating and sending out the P2 error.

What Causes a P2 Code on a Mini Split?

  • Bad Ventilation
  • Refrigerant Low
  • Sensor
  • Main PCB Board

The main control board is programed to send out a P2 code to protect the compressor from overheating and becoming damaged.

There is an overload protector sensor located on the top of the compressor that sends the signal it is overheating.

Several things can cause this error with the steps below for what to check.

Steps to Troubleshoot and Fix a P2 code

  1. The first thing to check is for anything blocking the outside and inside ventilation. The fans should be able to spin easily with no debris blocking them.
  2. How To Troubleshoot and Fix a Mini Split P2 Error Code Ventilation

  3. Reset the unit by shutting the power off and unplugging the unit for 10 minutes. Turn it back on and see if the error clears.
  4. Check the temperature at the top of the compressor. It should not be higher than the rated temperature. (Usually not over 212 Degrees Fahrenheit / 100 Celsius)

  6. Check for a refrigerant leak.

  8. Check for low refrigerant.

  10. Check overload protector sensor.

  12. Check Outdoor Main PCB Board.



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