How To Support a Window Air Conditioner

By | March 2, 2023

How To Support a Window Air Conditioner
Installing a window air conditioner unit is not difficult but must be done right to operate correctly.

The support that holds the unit in place is important to not fall and damage the unit or possibly hurt someone.

Below are three common methods to support a window air conditioner.

3 Ways To Support a Window Air Conditioner

  • Window Backstop
  • Most units come with a bracket to hold it in place, but there are many different sized windows and walls that brackets attach to.
    How To Support a Window Air Conditioner Top Bar
    The most common method is to use the window as support and hold it in place along with a bar on the top.

    With this method, the window itself holds it in place as a backstop.
    How To Support a Window Air Conditioner 2016

    Smallholders with screws hold the window in place and from opening since if opened, the unit would fall out.
    How To Support a Window Air Conditioner Easy

  • Wall Mounted Bracket
  • Another method is to use a wall bracket that the unit sits on.
    How To Support a Window Air Conditioner With Brackets
    The brackets come in all shapes and sizes to fit the window and the unit.

    Brackets give good support to a window air conditioner since they are built specifically for that purpose.

    They work much like a table, and a unit will be fully supported from falling.

    If a bracket is bought, be sure it matches your window style and A/C unit size.

  • DIY Brackets
  • Building your own do-it-yourself supports can also be done.
    Support a Window Air Conditioner With Brackets

    Angle bars with the pre-drilled holes are often used since they can be cut at the right length and screwed into place.

    DIY brackets require more skill, tools, and material which is not for everyone.

Do Window Air Conditioners Need Support Outside?

Some window air conditioners need outside support, while others do not.

It usually depends on the strength of the window to hold the package and the weight of the unit.

It is always best to follow the instructions, and if in doubt, outside support is always a good idea.

Supporting a window a/c unit is not hard but should be done properly, so the unit stays in place.

A combination of a bracket and window bar is what usually gives the most safety.

Since there are many styles of windows, there is no one-size-fits-all.

If in doubt, simply be sure to have a good bracket that the unit can sit on.

Be sure the bracket is installed right with good-length screws, and follow the installation instructions that come with it.

Always side with caution when installing a unit, especially if it is located in a walkway that someone might go under.

Have you had any issues installing a window air conditioning unit? Let us know your thoughts below.

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