How To Fix a Mini Split P0 Error Code

By | April 27, 2021

How To Fix a Mini Split P0 Error Code
If you have a mini split that gives an P0 error code it is an IPM Module Fault or IGBT Over-Current Protection error.

Several things can cause an P0 error code on a mini split and of course the error can be manufacture specific.

The most common fix is to turn the unit off at the breaker for 2-5 minutes resetting both indoor and outdoor condensers.

Steps To Fix a Mini Split P0 Error Code

  1. Power Off the Unit
  2. Turn Power Off at the Breaker for 2-5 minutes Resetting the Unit
  3. Turn the power On and see if the error goes away

Resetting the whole system is the first step and often solves the problem.

If the error comes back below is more advanced things that can cause the error.

Causes of P0 Error Code

  • Improper Wiring
  • Loose Wiring Connections
  • IPM Error
  • Outdoor Fan Motor
  • System Pressure Error
  • Faulty Main PCB
  • Bad Ventilation of Outdoor Unit

How To Fix a Mini Split P0 Error Code Causes

Components to Test with P0 Error Code

  • Check Wiring Between Main PCB and Compressor
  • How To Fix a Mini Split P0 Error Code Wiring
    Check the wiring going from the main PCB and the compressor for any loose connections.

  • Check the Outside Fan and Condenser
  • Check the outside fan is working which should kick on and off.
    How To Fix a Mini Split P0 Error Code Fan Motor
    Also, check the outside condensing unit fins for blockage from dirt or other debris.

  • Check the Wiring between the Indoor and Outdoor Unit
  • Check the wiring for any loose connections which can cause a bad signal.
    How To Fix a Mini Split F0 Error Code Wiring
    Both the inside and outdoor units plugs can be checked to see if any wires have become loose.

  • Test the Compressor
  • Test the compressor wiring for any shorts and voltages are correct.

  • Test the Main PCB Board
  • The PCB boards can also cause an P0 error and may need testing.

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