How to Fix A Loud Noisy Heat Pump Unit

By | June 23, 2019

A noisy loud heat pump can be an annoyance especially when sleeping or watching TV.
Not all heat pumps are made the same when it comes to how much noise they make.
Some are so quiet you don’t even know it has turned on while others can force you to turn the volume up on the TV.
Before racing out to buy a new heat pump let’s look at something’s a home owner can do to quiet down a noisy unit.
What Is the Noise Source?
While many things can make a heat pump noisy the main culprits are the moving components such as the fan motors and compressor.

Below are three common fixes for these types of problems.

3 Fixes for a Loud Noisy Heat Pump

  1. Compressor Sound Blanket Wrap
  2. A compressor is what moves refrigerant though a unit and transfers hot and cold in or out.
    Often they can become loud either because they were manufactured that way or are old and starting to show wear.
    Compressor Sound Blanket Wraps can be used to muffle out a noisy compressor and can be quite effective.
    A compressor sound wrap blanket is made of noise reduction material that simply wraps around a compressor.
    How to fix a Loud Heat Pump Unit Compressor
    Sound wraps are simple enough to install with minimal skills and can even be bought on Amazon.
    Compressor Sound Wrap Blanket on Amazon
    Brinmar SBUHD Universal-Fit Air Conditioner Compressor Sound Blanket Wrap (0421A)

    Manufacturers don’t usually install a noise suppressant blanket around a compressor but some do so be sure to check.
    Installation is not hard but does require unscrewing and removing the top or side panel of a heat pump unit which may not be for everyone.
    Someone can always be hired if needed. If you do install one yourself be sure the power is off to the units before removing the top or side panel.

  3. Vibration Isolation Dampener Mounts
  4. Some compressors vibrate badly which makes them very noisy as they vibrate about.
    One way to fix this problems is with Vibration Isolation Dampener Mounts which are a cheap and easy solution.
    How to fix a Loud Heat Pump Unit
    Most compressors have 3-4 main bolts that hold them in place. Vibration dampener replace these bolts with a layer of hard rubber that absorbs the shock created when the compressor vibrates.
    Here Are Examples On Amazon
    JW Winco 451.1-25-25-5/16-55 Series GN 451.1 Rubber Cylindrical Vibration Isolation Mount with 2 Threaded Studs, Inch Size, 1″ Diameter, 1″ Height, 5/16-18 Thread

    They do require removing the old mount bolts and replacing them with the new ones.

  5. Condensing Fan and Blower Motor
  6. A condensing fan and blower motors work in combination to blow air away from a unit, and blow air into a home.
    The condensing fan motor is the motor that sits outside and turns a large fan. This is the most common of the two to go bad in a heat pump unit.
    Often they are simply worn with age and time to replace. Other times the fan can be damaged causing it to wobble wrong.
    Check for any debris that the fan may be hitting when it spins and that it is aligned properly. If the holding screws become loose a fan motor can touch metal and make a racket.
    Changing out a condensing fan motor is more complicated than the other options but can be done by someone with basic electrical skills.
    For a complete guide on replacing a condensing fan motor click here.

The above is the most common reasons a HVAC heat pump is noisy.

Examining the unit will usually point to what the problem part is.

Also be sure to check all the side panels as one may have come loose and be banging about.

Compressor sound wrap blankets are a common fix when a customer complains about a loud unit.

They are easy enough to install for a handy type person.

Of course call a professional if in doubt.

All HVAC systems have high voltage so be sure to call a tech if needed.



2 thoughts on “How to Fix A Loud Noisy Heat Pump Unit

  1. Doug

    When my heat pump was initially installed it made a racket when in normal heat mode. I built a simple sound barrier from acoustic sheets with an air space which worked well for my patio. However 2 years later the compressor broke and the guys who replaced it under warranty said the initial installer did a bad job. They were able to replace it and the unit ran incredibly quieter. I think they said the changeover valve was installed wrong.

  2. Bill Stewart

    Good Day
    I have a York Heat pump that is about 2 years old. My neighbour is complaining about noise at night. I have added a compressor blanket that has reduced the start up noise. The issue now is the fan tip speed that can be heard throughout the night when the unit is running. I was wondering if anybody has any experience in attaching a cowling to the top of the unit. I’m very open to any suggestions.
    Thank you
    Bill Stewart


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