Free Guide To Passing The EPA 608 Exam with Practice Questions and Videos

By | May 15, 2023

The HVAC EPA 608 exam is not difficult to pass but does require studying to be prepared.

Taking practice tests and memorizing questions is the best way to pass the EPA 608 test.

The test is made up of the Core, Type I, Type II, and Type III.

The core must be taken and given a passing grade, while the other test only needs to be taken for the work you plan to do.

HVAC EPA 608 Test Types

Core exam: Mandatory and must be taken.

Type I: (Small appliances) Type I is for someone who works on small appliances such as refrigerators such as small window unit air conditioners.

Type II: (High Pressure) For a technician who works on equipment using high pressure systems. (This is common for residential HVAC technicians.)

Type III: (Low Pressure) For a technician who works on equipment using low pressure systems, such as chillers.

Universal: All tests have been passed, and a technician is certified to work on any HVAC system.

EPA 608 Test Overview

Each test has 25 questions which 70 percent must be correct, so 18 out of 25 need to be right.

The test is proctored, meaning someone is supposed to be present to watch you and be sure no cheating is going on.

Test locations vary and are usually taken at a certified HVAC supply shop or community college.

A pressure temperature chart will be needed for 1-3 questions. The testing location usually supplies these but depending on the person giving the test may not.

For example, when I took my test at the local HVAC supply shop, the proctor didn’t have any pressure temperature charts. Luckily I had one in my car for practicing, or else I would have automatically missed two test questions. For this reason, I always suggest printing out a Temp Pressure chart and taking it with you just in case. You can download a chart here.

After the test is taken, it is mailed to the main testing center for grading.

This seems antiquated, but it is the way it is done; you will simply have to wait for the results to be posted.

There are two main companies that give the test, Mainstream Engineering and ESCO Institute. It is best to call the testing location to see which one they give.

Studying For the EPA 608 Exam

The best way to study for the test is to read a pamphlet on the rules that need to be known than practice with test questions.

There is no a huge volume of information that need to be known. Some people think that the HVAC EPA 608 Exam is testing a technicians knowledge with HVAC systems which is not correct.

The EPA 608 Test is mainly concerned with safety and laws required when handling refrigerants.

Small books or study pamphlets can be used to get all the main information needed. There is a lot of information online which can be studied in combination with a small book or pamphlet.

Free EPA test 608 Practice Questions and Answers

As of what date did it become unlawful to release class I and class II refrigerants to the atmosphere?
July 1, 1992
Which refrigerant is a CFC?
R 12
Which refrigerants are HCFC?
R 123 and R 22
The molecule in the stratosphere that shows stratospheric ozone depletion is taking place is?
Chlorine monoxide
_____are fluorocarbon refrigerants that cause no harm to the strategic Ozone.
Refrigerant_______ is the type of containment that is most difficult for a reclaiming facility to eliminate.
Acid burnout
_____Is a CFC refrigerant.
R 12

_____Is a HCFC refrigerant
R 22
_____Is a HFC refrigerant.
The strongest evidence that CFC are in the stratosphere is_____
Measurements of CFC in air samples from the stratosphere.
Ozone depletion and the stratosphere is a_____problem.
The ozone layer protects the planet’s surface from_____
UV radiation
One of the most serious results of damage to the ozone is_____
increases in human skin cancer.
The size (capacity) of a vacuum pump and suction line size determine_____
evacuation time
_____Is the element and refrigerants that causes ozone depletion.
Whenever dried nitrogen from a portable cylinder is used in service and installation practice, the most important safety consideration is that______
A relief valve is inserted in the downstream line from the pressure regulator
EPA regulations require the installation of a service aperture or process on all appliances using class I or class II refrigerants for_____
Recovering refrigerants
On a typical gauge manifold set, the low pressure gauge is color-coded_____
One recovering it refrigerant it is important not to mix different refrigerants in the same container because_____
the mixture probably is impossible to reclaim.
A violation of the clean air act, such as the knowing release of refrigerant during maintenance, service, repair, or disposal of appliances, can result in fines up to_____
27,500 per day per violation
It refrigerant cylinder that has a gray body and a yellow top indicates the cylinder is designed to hold_____
Recovered refrigerant
Ozone depletion potential or “ODP” is _____
A measurement of a refrigerants ability to destroy ozone.
EPA regulations require the installation of a service aperture or process stub on all appliances using class I or class II refrigerants for_____
recovering refrigerants
On a typical gauge manifold set, the low pressure gauge is color-coded_____

Which process applies to cleaning refrigerant for immediate reuse by oil separation and single or multiple passes through devices, like replaceable core filter dryers, which reduce moisture and acidity?
Disposing of disposable cylinders is accomplished by?
Assuring that all refrigerant is recovered and that the cylinders are rendered useless, then recycling the metal.
The Montréal protocol is?
A treaty among nations that control production of chlorofluorocarbons.
CFCs will no longer be manufactured or imported to the U.S. after?

Recovery equipment that relies upon the compressor in the appliance and or the pressure of the refrigerant in the appliance would be considered?
Self dependent
During servicing of a refrigeration system containing R 12, the refrigerant must be?
The piping connection to the vacuum pump should be?
As short in length and as large and diameter as possible.
Which compounds have the highest ozone depletion potential (ODP)?
What chemical found in the upper stratosphere indicates that the ozone layer is being destroyed?
Chlorine Monoxide
Which atom of the CFC molecule causes ozone depletion?
Ozone depletion in the stratosphere is what type of problem?
which refrigerant is a HCFC?
R 22
Which refrigerant is a HFC?
R 134a
Which refrigerant is a CFC?
R-11 and R-113
Which refrigerant has the lowest ozone depletion potential?
When recovering refrigerant, it is important not to mix different refrigerants in the same container because?
The mixture may be impossible to reclaim.
The center port on a three port manifold is used for?
Recovery, evacuation and charging.
Refrigerant entering the compressor of a refrigeration system is a?
Superheated vapor

When corrosion build up is found within the body of a relief valve, the valve must be?
How should refrigerant cylinders be positioned when they are shipped?
A refrigerant oil that is hygroscopic.
Readily absorbs moisture.
The term used to describe the fact that a refrigerant blend as a range of boiling or condensing points at a constant pressure is?
Temperature glide
Which refrigerant is most commonly used as a replacement for R-12 in new household refrigerators
On a small appliance with an operating compressor that has a completely plugged capillary tube, what is the minimum number of access valves that are needed to evacuate the refrigerant
1 valve on the high side
According to the EPA which recovery equipment maintenance practice(s) should be performed on a regular basis?
check recovery device for refrigerant leaks
When using ______, it is essential to take extra measures (heating/striking), to help release trapped refrigerant from the compressor oil.
passive system-dependent recovery devices on a small appliance with a non-operating compressor.
A recovery cylinder which is 1/2 full of recovered R-410A @ 90*F, in the absence of non-condensable will be pressurized to:
300 psig.

Before beginning a refrigerant recovery procedure it is always necessary to____
determine the type of refrigerant in the system

The EPA section 608 certification must be renewed when?

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