How To Clean or Replace a Condensation Pump on Your HVAC System

By | April 18, 2022

Condensation pumps in combination with a mini split or air conditioning are used to get rid of moisture that is created by a unit.

Some systems gravity feed water from a unit, but in some cases, an HVAC system must use a pump when it is too low for gravity to remove the water.

When a condensation pump stops working, water will overflow and spill into a basement or any place it is located at.

Most often, a leak will be a kinked line or possibly a bad condensation pump.

Often dirt and mold build-up within a pump and the lines that run out of a home. If these lines become blocked, the pump will not be able to remove the water.
It is also possible the pump has gone bad and needs to be replaced but be sure to check for any blockages in the lines first.

A common method to clean a pump is to use compressed air in the lines and blow out any debris.

Pouring bleach into a pump once a year will also help in keeping the mold build-up to a minimum.

If there is no noise coming from the pump, it is likely bad and needs to be replaced. Be sure to check if power is going to the pump.

Replacing a unit with a new one is not difficult and falls into the DIY category. As always, call a professional if in doubt.

Replacements are measure by the HP, for example, 1/30 HP or 1/50 HP along with voltage. Most all units will be 110-volts AC but be sure to check.

Look for the name-tag on the old unit to get a replacement.

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A pump can be located anywhere near a unit so water gravity feeds into a holding tank.
Once the holding tank reaches a certain level the pump turns on and pumps out the water.

The line coming from the HVAC system is often a 3/4 in PVC pipe but can be any hose attachment.

The line that pumps water out is almost always a clear tube.
Replacing a unit is simply a matter of removing the water lines, placing them on a new unit, and plugging it in.

Step To Clean or Replace a Condensation Pump

  1. Turn off the power to the HVAC system and condensation water pump.
  2. Disconnect the Tubing.
  3. Remove any screws holding the pump in place.
  4. Remove the old condensation pump.
  5. Insert a new condensation pump or clean the old one.
  6. Reconnect the drain lines.
  7. Attach screws to hold the unit in place.
  8. Attach the tubing.
  9. Attach the wiring and test the new or cleaned condensation pump.

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    The water running through my condensate pump is quite acidic, will I need a special type of condensate pump for this or will the ones listed do?



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