How To Fix a Mini Split Air Conditioner Leaking Water

By | March 20, 2020

How To Fix a Leaking Mini Split Air Conditioner
If you have a mini split that leaks water inside your home it needs some basic maintenance to stop it from leaking.

Fixing the problem falls in the do-It-yourself category for a handy type of person.

Of course if in-doubt call a professional.

What Causes of a Leaking Mini Split?
The inside wall unit has a coil that pulls moisture from the air as it cools.

A drain line carries this moisture outside which is usually a small drip.

If the drain line becomes clogged up it can not drain the water leading to the water dripping inside a home.

Items Needed to Fix the Leak

  • Screwdriver
  • Duct Tape
  • Vacuum
  • Water Bucket
    Some basic tools will be needed to repair the problem.

    The above list is a general idea of what will be needed with the main goal to remove the outer-casing and get to the drain line.

    Every unit will be slightly different how they come apart and what tools are needed.

    Steps to Fix a Leaking Mini Split with Pictures
    Units can vary in build and component location but the same principle applies.

    1. Turn Power Off to the unit.

    3. Open the unit and remove the filters.
    4. Remove the screws holding the casing.
    5. How To Fix a Leaking Mini Split Air Conditioner Step 2

    6. Remove the outer-casing.
    7. How To Fix a Leaking Mini Split Air Conditioner Step 3

    8. The water line is usually at the bottom. Remove any screw holding it in place.
    9. Pull the water line down and unwrap any tape holding it together.
    10. Have a bucket ready to catch any water and unplug the hose.
    11. Using a vacuum suck both sides of the line out removing any debris that is blocking it.
    12. Once the debris is removed from the line hook it back up and tape it to hold together. Put all the parts back together and test the unit.

    The above is the basic steps to fix a leaking mini split unit.

    While the build and removal of the outer casing may vary between units the basics still apply with the drain line needing a to be unclogged.

    Usually this is not a difficult job but if you have any doubt call an HVAC tech.



    6 thoughts on “How To Fix a Mini Split Air Conditioner Leaking Water

    1. Cherie Max

      is there something that is recommended to cover the outside end of drip hose, preventing any debri-bugs etc. from getting in. I’ve tried taping screen around it but that gets full of debri & needs to be replaced quite frequently. I absolutely love the system but am super frustrated with the inside units (4) leaking. the unit in master is above bed & there’s no other way to rearrange the small room. Thanks in advance.

    2. Aaron

      If unit is left off and room temp and humidity raises then it’s turned on the near freezing temperatures of the condesation can sweat through the other side of the plastic drain pan and collect in the head housing.

    3. Scubby

      I did something easier… went outside and applied vacuum to the external drain pipe, in 1 second it unblocked and had water flowing outside (rather than overflowing in my house) – EASY!

      1. Cherie max

        How often have you found the need to do this? & are your drip hoses exposed or do you have some kind of screen or protection that prevents debris from getting in? Thank you

    4. Jane

      Mine is leaking from the side where the pump is and the water is kind of sticky and discolored. Had HVAC out and they found the water lines to be rusty “from condensation” like Angie Huk. They wrapped the lines and now 3 days later is leaking the same fluid???

    5. Aggie Huk

      A just graduated hvac man told me the reason my minisplit was dripping water was because the line in the unit isn’t wrapped. He said he could see it and its bare,causing condensation. I’m having trouble believing that,as now of the experts said that. I’m having someone suction the drainage hie inside & outside today. But should I be worried about what he said ?


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