What is the Best Heater for a Box Truck?

By | August 29, 2023

What is the Best Heater for a Box Truck
Many individuals and small businesses own box trucks holding valuable equipment.

The equipment not only needs security but also often has equipment that can be damaged by cold weather.

This is mainly when the temperature drops below zero and starts to freeze.

There are several options for installing a heater in the back of a box truck.

Every scenario will be different, with some able to use electricity while others will need a more self-contained system.

Below are some methods others have used and installed in a box truck to keep it from freeing up during the winter.

Our Picks for the Best Heater for a Box Truck

  • Diesel Air Heaters
  • Diesel air heaters are a good option since they can be used anywhere and don’t require any electricity to operate.
    What is the Best Heater for a Box Truck Diesel Air Heater
    There are kits that can be bought to retrofit into a van or box truck and work very well.

    They will require some skill to fit into place along with cutting holes, battery connections, and a small gas tank.

    Diesel air heaters are mainly used in vans, campers, and RVs making them a good fit for a box truck.

    Example Diesel Air Heater Kit on Amazon
    Available Here on Amazon

  • Electric Air Conditioner and Heater
  • External electric heating and air conditioning units can be mounted on a box truck, usually on the cab.
    What is the Best Heater for a Box Truck Electric Heater
    They work very well, with the only downside is needing an electric power source.

    ClimateRight has a few such units that have an outside unit that needs to be mounted and two holes cut for the air.
    What is the Best Heater for a Box Truck Electric Heater 2
    The cab often will need some reinforcement when mounting the unit.

    Example ClimateRight Heater on Amazon
    Available Here on Amazon


  • Auxiliary Heater
  • Heating units that connect to a truck’s heater core can send out heat and also work well.

    They work by attaching the truck’s heater core hoses from the engine to the unit, which heats the same as the truck heater.
    What is the Best Heater for a Box Truck Diesel Core
    The one downside is the engine must be running for it to send out heat from the engine, but they work very well.

    Example 12 Volt Auxiliary Heater on Amazon
    Available Here on Amazon

There are many options when it comes to heating a box truck, with some of our favorite options above.

What works for one person likely will not work for everyone, with each situation unique.

The price and power source are no doubt the main factors, along with how a unit fits into a truck.

Most units will require some retrofitting with some skill to install.

Do you have a good option for heating a box truck? Let us know in the comments below.

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