What Is a Mini Split Heat Pump Air Conditioner?

By | July 2, 2020

What Is a Mini Split Heat Pump Air Conditioner
A Mini Split is a small HVAC unit that heats and cools a room or open space.

They work the same as large A/C units but are built smaller to fit into a variety of scenarios.
What Is a Mini Split Heat Pump Air Conditioner outside unit
For example, they make great units to add to a home add-on, garage, or a small home.

What is a Heat Pump?
A Heat Pump is a unit that can both heat and cool.

While technically all A/C units are heat pumps in HVAC they refer to a unit with a reversing valve to heat when it becomes cold.

This makes heat pump units very popular since they not only cool in the summer but heat in the winter.

Benefits of a Mini Split
Today’s Mini Split units are low-cost items to both buy and operate.

They cost much less than larger HVAC units, are quiet, last a long time, and have very good energy SEER ratings.

There is also many DIY kits that are popular since no high-cost HVAC company is needed to install one for a handy person.
What Is a Mini Split Heat Pump Air Conditioner DIY ALL
The SEER ratings on new units is also very good which makes them cost less to operate.

This low operating cost has many installing 2-3 unit on large homes which can drastically bring down heating and cooling bills.

Downside of a Mini Split
Mini split units don’t blow air through ducts and only heat or cool the room they are in.

The temperature in the rooms next to the unit is affected depending on the insulation.

Since they blow out air only in one room, more than one would be needed to cool a whole home.

It is common to see more than one mini split on a home especially mobile homes often having 1-3 units strategically placed.

How Does a Mini Split Work?
The main components of a mini split is the inside evaporator, outside condenser, and line-set.

The inside evaporator has a fan that blows out warm or cold air.
What Is a Mini Split Heat Pump Air Conditioner Inside

The outside condenser also has a fan that blows away hot or cold air depending on the temperature setting.
What Is a Mini Split Heat Pump Air Conditioner outside unit 2

Two small copper lines called a line-set go between the inside and outside units transferring refrigerant.
What Is a Mini Split Heat Pump Air Conditioner Line Set
This allows a mini split to transfer heat or cold into or out of a home depending on the temperature setting.

Types of Mini Split’s
There are many mini split manufactures from home DIY kits to dedicated units sold to HVAC companies.

In the past most all units would only be available to a HVAC company but now most all units can be bought online.

This is good since a home owner can do research and read reviews to find the best unit for them.

Installing a Mini Split and Cost
Installing a mini split can be done with a DIY kit or through an HVAC company.

DIY Kits cost $600-$2000 depending on the manufacture and size of the unit.
What Is a Mini Split Heat Pump Air Conditioner DIY
Installing a unit is easy enough for a handy type person with basic construction skills.

There are many YouTube videos to watch and see how an install works.

Read Here for the three popular DIY Kits I have installed along with steps and YouTube videos.

For others hiring a HVAC company to install a unit may be best with pricing varying widely on location and company.

The pricing to install a mini split ranges from $1000-$3000 along with the cost to buy the unit.

It is always best to call around and get bids for your area to know what the cost would be.

Mini Split units are very versatile heating and cooling units that run quiet and fit into a variety of scenarios.

They can be installed into most any space or room filling a gap many large systems can not fill.

The are ideal for garages, home additions, mobile homes and many other situations.

There are also many different sized unit so be sure to look at a Mini Split sizing chart for the size of a unit needed.

They are also low-cost to buy and operate making them very popular.






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