Our List for The Top 10 Best HVAC Books 2022

By | January 2, 2022

Our List For The Top Ten HVAC Books 2019
Are you starting an HVAC career? Or possibly an at-home do-it-yourself type person looking to save money on repairs? Then below are our top ten picks for books on HVAC.

One of the things about HVAC is that the technology hasn’t moved as fast as many other fields, especially fields that are computer science-related. How many computer technicians get hired to work on ten or fifteen-year-old computers, not many. But in the HVAC field, many units are ten-fifteen years old, some older, and while new technology has come along, it is no were near a dramatic a change as many other things.
Top Best HVAC Books 2020
So basically, when looking for a book on heating and cooling, depending on the subject, the date the book was written often doesn’t matter. Find one that fits your need and price range. Plus, be sure to read through the Amazon or other reviews to see what others are saying about it.

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Our List for The Top 10 Best HVAC Books 2022

  1. Electricity for Refrigeration
  2. Electricity for Refrigeration, Heating, and Air Conditioning

    If you are having trouble understanding the wiring involved in an HVAC unit, then this book is for you. It has been around for years, constantly revised and updated.

    It explains how electricity works in an A/C and heating units very well in simple to understand explanations.

    There are also many pictures that show how electrical is working in an HVAC system.

  3. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology
  4. Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Technology: 25th Anniversary

    This book is used by many HVAC schools and some students need it for the classes.

    This also may be why it is one of the more expensive books on HVAC. If you are looking for the college theory HVAC experience, then reading then this may be for you.

  5. Troubleshooting HVAC-R Equipment
  6. Troubleshooting HVAC-R Equipment

    Troubleshooting HVAC-R Equipment was published in 1995 and has good information on old units.

    It walks through both commercial and residential heating and air in a concise and well organized steps.

  7. Step by Step passing the EPA 608 certification exam
  8. Step by Step passing the EPA 608 certification exam

    Need to pass the EPA 608 exam to become a technician or are a home owner looking to save money on refrigerant by being able to buy it yourself. Then here is a book on how to pass the EPA 608 exam.

    It shows all the steps and information needed for passing Type 1,2,3 as well as the universal exam.

  9. Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
  10. Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

    This is a good book for both the do-it-yourself type person and someone on the career path as an HVAC technician.

    It goes over theory as well as troubleshooting techniques involved in heating and cooling repair.

    There is lots of information that helps anyone new to refrigeration understand the principles.

  11. Low Pressure Boilers
  12. Low Pressure Boilers

    The title sums this one up all by itself; if you need to work on low-pressure boilers, then this books for you.

  13. Residential Construction Academy HVAC
  14. Residential Construction Academy HVAC

    Another good book that explains how HVAC works.

    It is very educational and practical, with well-written topics to help a student understand.

  15. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology Lab Manual
  16. Refrigeration and Ac Technology: Lab Manual

    While an older book, this was once used by many trade schools to teach students.

    Even though it is older and used a lot in the early 2000s, all the principles are the same.

    Since it is older, the price has dropped, making it a good book to learn from while on a budget.

    While HVAC systems do have new technology, many old systems are still in use daily and need repair.

  17. Commercial Refrigeration for Air Conditioning
  18. Commercial Refrigeration for Air Conditioning Technicians

    If you plan to work with commercial HVAC systems this is a good book to have.

    It mixes real world commercial scenarios, such as walk in coolers and ice machines, that are not apart of standard residential heating and cooling.

  19. Refrigerant Charging and Service Procedures
  20. Refrigerant Charging and Service Procedures for Air Conditioning

    Charging a system with refrigerant requires knowledge of scaled refrigerant types vacuuming down a system and more.



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  1. Jeff

    The Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Technology book is a good book with lots of information. It is big so not a quick read but very informative on most all HVAC topics.


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