Our Picks for Best Mini Split Line Set Cover Kits

By | February 4, 2020

Best Mini Split Line Set Covers
After a mini split is installed the line-set is often left hanging down the outside wall.

While it can be taped up and any holes plugged with caulking a line-set cover makes the job look professional and protects the line-set from damage.

They are low-cost items that can be a real benefit to any install.

I always install a cover kit after a job as will any HVAC company that does an install.

Many HVAC companies will have n in-house metal fabricator that will build a general metal cover.

These covers while very functional often are ugly things that can be replaced.

Every job will be different with the mini-split locations a big factor.

For example, a unit in the backyard out of sight may not be a big deal with how it looks.

A unit in the front yard may matter more for a nice cover for better cosmetics.

There are many units available with those below some of our favorite units.

Be sure to read the reviews on Amazon, forums, or elsewhere to be sure a kit is a good fit for you.

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Our Picks for Best Mini Split Line Set Covers

  1. Pioneer Decorative PVC Line Cover Kit
  2. pioneer air conditioner Decorative PVC Line Cover Kit for Mini Split Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps – WYS-LCVR-KIT
    This line set cover from Pioneer is a popular unit and one I have used many times.
    Best Mini Split Line Set Covers
    It is a low-cost cover that looks nice after installing.

    It comes with many pieces including 90 degree and 45 degree turns.

    The kit comes with a lot of parts and there is always a lot left over after doing an install.

    It is made of a hard plastic that bolts or slide together to cover up a line-set nicely.

    The installation is easy enough for handy type person with a cordless drill to bolt it together.

    Read Here for How I Install the Kit

  3. Senville PVC Line Set Cover Kit
  4. PVC Line Set Cover Kit for Mini Split Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps

    Senville makes this cover kit which is very similar to the Pioneer unit.

    Senville and Pioneer both have popular low-cost mini split kits that can be installed by a homeowner.

    Like most covers it is made from hard ABS plastic that will last many years.

  5. Jeacent 7.5’L AC Line Set Cover Kit
  6. Jeacent 7.5’L AC Line Set Cover Kit 3″ W Tubing for Mini Split, Central Air Conditioner, Heat Pump

    This kit from Jeacent has a clean look and will make a line-set going up a wall look nice.

    Like most all kits it screws and slides together making a mini split job look professional.

    The tubing is 3 inches wide by 2-1/4 inches thick which will cover most mini split lines sets up-to 24,000 BTU.

After a mini split unit is installed covering the line-set is needed to help protect it from the weather or any damage.

Covering it also makes it look nice without a bunch of wires and lines hanging down a wall.
Best Mini Split Line Set Cover Kits 2020
If you just need functionality and don’t care about the look most HVAC companies can sell a fabricated metal cover.

HVAC install companies need to fabricate all types of metal for a home duct-work and will most often simply bend some metal for a quick cover.

If you are looking for a better style there are several nice covers available.

A good cover kit will also make a job look professional as well as curb appeal.

Do you have a favorite Line-set cover? Let us know in the comments below.



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  1. Nathan

    So you CAN just kink the line set at a right angle? I’m afraid to bend it where it comes out of the house.


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