Mini Split Install Outside Location Ground Vs Wall Mount

By | March 26, 2019

Mini Split Install Outside Location Ground Vs Wall Mount
The most common method for installing a mini split outside condenser is on the ground but it can also be installed on a wall.

There is no single way to install a mini split with each install different needing to match the home and climate.

Both methods have their pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of a Wall Mounted Mini Split


  • Keep Snow Off which can Effect the Unit
  • Keep Animals Away
  • Keep Clear of Weeds and Dirt


  • Possible Wall Vibration
  • Look and Feel
  • Needs to be Properly Mounted

The main advantages of a wall mounted unit is keeping snow off as well as animals away.

Area with heavy snow fall during the winter often use wall mounts since a unit buried in the snow will have problems operating.

Dirt and weeds can also get in the way of a mini split working properly with a unit higher off the ground not having this problem.

The downside is possible noise vibrations along with the look needing to match a home.

A unit properly mounted on a solid wall should have minimal noise.

The unit will need to be well mounted on studs or bolted into a brick or cement wall.

How To Install a Wall Mounted Mini Split
1… The first step is to examine the wall and see how the bracket will be bolted on.

Walls made from a wood frame will usually have studs every 16 inches.

A cement or brick wall will need anchor bolts.
Mini Split Install Outside Location Ground Vs Wall Mount Cement

2… Next the right size and style bracket will need to be bought.

There are many different sizes and styles available simply find the best one that will match your unit.

Example Mini Split Outdoor Wall Bracket on Amazon
Outdoor Mounting Bracket for Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump Systems, Universal, 9000-36000 Btu Condenser

3… Mount the bracket on the outside wall using the right bolts or screws.

It will need to be level and bolted on to studs or anchors.
Should You Install a Mini Split with a Wall Mount or on the Ground?
Since every home will have a different scenario with weather, look, and other factors there is no single best way.

A home located in a location with heavy snow fall will benefit from mounting a unit higher off the ground.

A home located in a moderate climate but away out in the country side may benefit keeping animals away.

These are simply some examples with no doubt many other scenarios.

Have you installed a mini split system on an outside wall let us know your experience below in the comments.



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    I purchased a new LuxAire heat pump 2 years ago. The installers placed it on the original bracket that was there from my last heat pump even though it was a bit rusty, and 9 years old plus the new heat pump was double the size of the old one. After 2 years the bolts have become lose and the unit is no long stable but wobbly . The company who installed it says it needs to be reinstalled and are wanting me to pay hundreds of $$$ to reinstall the outdoor unit. Why do you think the bolts came loose and how do you think i should handle this.


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