How To Install 3 Ton Goodman Air Conditioner

By | March 4, 2020

How To Install 3 Ton Goodman Air Conditioner
Replacing and installing a Goodman air conditioner system is something that needs to be done once the old unit is worn out.

Air conditioner units such as Goodman last many years but eventually will need to be replaced.

For split systems this includes the outside condenser, evaporator-coil and sometimes the Line-set.

If you need to replace an old unit they can be bought from an HVAC company or online from Amazon, eBay or other websites.

The first step is to examine the old system and see which of the major 3 components need to be replaced.

This includes the outside condenser, evaporator-Coil, and Line-set.

3 Main Components To Check and Replace

  • Condenser
  • How To Install 3 Ton Goodman Air Conditioner Outside
    The outside condenser will need to be replaced and the best replacement unit will be needed.

    If an HVAC company is hired the will provide all the parts be sure to check what components they are replacing.

    If you are doing the installation yourself the condenser can be bought online.

    Example 3 Ton Goodman Condenser on Amazon
    Goodman 3 Ton 16 SEER Air Conditioner R-410a GSX160361

  • Evaporator Coil
  • How To Install 3 Ton Goodman Air Conditioner Evaporator Coil
    The evaporator coil is the unit inside the bottom of the furnace.

    It needs to match the condenser and will also need to be replaced.

    If you are doing the install yourself be sure to buy them as a set since they need to match for size and refrigerant type.

    Example 3 Ton Goodman Evaporator Coil on Amazon
    Goodman CAPF3636B6 Goodman Evaporator Coil Full-Cased 3 Ton Upflow Or Downflow

  • Line Set
  • How To Install Goodman Air Conditioner Line set
    A Line-set is two copper lines that go between the outside condenser and inside evaporator coil.

    The two lines carry refrigerant between the two units transferring heat outside.

    Often, Line-sets can be reused as long as it is in good shape and not corroded.

    Since newer refrigerant type is often used the line-set can be flushed out for any left over contaminants.

    If the line-set is corroded and unusable a new one can be installed.

    Example Line-Set on Amazon
    National Brand Alternative 61420350 A/C Line Set, 3/8″ x 7/8″, 35′

Steps to Install or Replace a 3 Ton Goodman Air Conditioner

  1. The outside condenser is set on a cement pad. The unit needs to be on a level solid surface.
  2. How To Install 3 Ton Goodman Air Conditioner Step 1

  3. The inside evaporator coil sometimes called an A-Coil is installed in the furnace.
  4. How To Install 3 Ton Goodman Air Conditioner Step 2

  5. The copper line-set is run between the two units and soldered at the ends.
  6. How To Install 3 Ton Goodman Air Conditioner Step 3

  7. The system is pumped down with a vacuum pump and HVAC gauges.
  8. How To Install 3 Ton Goodman Air Conditioner Step 4

  9. If the vacuum holds and there is no leaks the refrigerant is let into the system.
  10. Electrical and the thermostat wires are connected at the condenser.
  11. The system is tested and now ready to use.

Installing a new 3 Ton Goodman Air Conditioner is something that is done all the time with the basic components needing to be examined and usually replaced.

The condenser and evaporator coil are usually always replaced and the line-set often reused.

It is usually best to install a new line-set if the run is not too difficult.

If the old line-set is used flushing it with a flush kit is a good idea to help remove any left over particles.

The tips of the line-set need to be solder into place making a good seal.
How To Install 3 Ton Goodman Air Conditioner Line set
Once the line-set ends are soldered into place the system needs to be tested for leaks and set into a vacuum.

One method to test for leaks is to set the system in a vacuum and let it sit for 20-30 minutes to see if it loses the vacuum.

If the vacuum is lost there is a leak and it needs to be found and fixed.

Another method is to pressure test the system with nitrogen and then vacuum down the system.

The main goal is to have a sealed system set into a vacuum before releasing the refrigerant.

The electrical and thermostat wires also to be connected.



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