How to Hookup or Repair a Swamp Cooler Water Line

By | April 26, 2023

How to Hookup or Repair a Swamp Cooler Water Line
Swamp coolers need a water line for a constant flow of water to operate properly.

Hooking into a water line for a swamp cooler can be done a few different ways depending on the placement of a unit, and types of water pipes in use.

There are several ways to connect a water line to a swamp cooler, some more permanent and some more quick and easier.
How to Hookup or Repair a Swamp Cooler Water Line Float
A water line will connect to a float valve which will automatically turn on and off the water in the cooler.

Below are the most common methods for connecting a water line to an evaporative cooler.

Types of Evaporative Swamp Cooler Water Line Hookups

  • Swamp Cooler Faucet Swivel Adapter
  • How to Hookup or Repair a Swamp Cooler Water Line Hose bib
    A swamp cooler swivel adapter simply hooks to a faucet and will let water flow to the cooler.

    They are simple to hook up with a small line going between the faucet and the cooler water valve.
    How to Hookup or Repair a Swamp Cooler Water Line Hose bib 2
    The one downside of a swivel adapter is it uses the entire faucet, which may be needed for other things such as watering plants.

    Swivel adapters are used by many as a quick way to connect water to an evaporative cooler.

    Example on Amazon
    LASCO 17-8381 3/4-Inch Female Garden Hose by 1/4-Inch Compression Brass Adapter

  • Swamp Cooler Faucet Valve
  • How to Hookup or Repair a Swamp Cooler Water Line Faucet Valve
    There are also install kits that use a screw-on attachment that can go to any standard water faucet.

    This is the easiest method for most since there is no need to tie it into a water pipe.

    Some don’t like this method as it can be less permanent than going straight into a water pipe.

    If you have limited experience with plumbing and need a quick, easy-to-use option, this is a good way to go.

    Example on Amazon
    B and K Industries 102-194 Evaporative Cooler Valve


  • Saddle Valve and Fitting
  • How to Hookup or Repair a Swamp Cooler Water Line 2
    Small valves can be placed on lines made of copper, and when tightened, punctures through the line and allows water to come out the valve.

    This is easy to do for those who have copper lines.

    Often they are located at the water heater, since the top cold water line going in is almost always copper.
    Example on Amazon
    LDR Industries 509 5100 Ice Maker and Humidifier Installation Kit 1/4-Inch x 25ft Flexible Hose for Potable Water Filter System, Poly Tubing

  • Use a PVC Tee with a Threaded Tie In
  • How to Hookup or Repair a Swamp Cooler Water Line 3
    PVC water lines can be cut and a Tee placed into it with a fitting for a swamp cooler.

    PVC pipe is glued together and cut with a hacksaw or PVC cutter.

    This method often requires some digging to find the water pipe and clear space to cut into it.

Hooking a water line to an evaporative cooler is not a difficult job but be sure to call a professional if in doubt.

The easiest method would be option #1 or #2 above since it does not require cutting into any pipe.

While they are the easiest methods, they are less permanent and may use up a faucet that may be needed for other purposes.

Every scenario will be different, with the best option unit to the building or house.

Have you had any issues connecting a swamp cooler water line? Let us know your thoughts below.

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