Cut Your Heating Costs in Half with a Ductless Heat Pump

By | April 24, 2020

Cut Your Heating Costs in Half with a Ductless Heat Pump
Ductless Heat Pumps are HVAC units that are very versatile.

They are not only low-cost to buy but very efficient to run saving money on heating and cooling.

What are Heat Pumps?
A heat pump uses refrigerant to heat and cool a home.

During the summer refrigerant is cycled through a unit as any air conditioner system would operate, and cold air is blown into a home.

During the winter the air conditioning cycle is reversed and heat is blown into a home.

Heat pumps come in many sizes and shapes with ductless heat pumps being one of them.

Why are Ductless Heat Pumps so Cheap To Run?
The way a heat pump transfers heat from one location to another using electricity is very efficient.

Traditional electric heat has always been done with ceramic elements that electricity is applied to and glow hot putting out heat.

For example, a space heater will glow hot and combined with a fan blow out hot air.

Making heat that way uses a lot of electricity to heat a home.

A heat pump works by cycling refrigerant in a closed cycle that pulls heat on one end and give out cold on the other. This can be reversed so hot or cold air can be blown into a home.

The way refrigerant is cycled and pulls heat from the air work much easier than forcing a room to heat up with elements.

Which Ductless Heat Pump is the Best for You?
There are many good ductless heat pumps to choose from.

Often, DIY individuals like to install units themselves which saves money.

Packaged ductless heat pumps are a sold online on Amazon, eBay, and other sources.

Of course, hiring an HVAC company is best for those non-DIY individuals.

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