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HVAC multi meters

Heating and cooling known as HVAC requires specific multi meters to get the job done. HVAC multimeters are built with true RMS and could read a wide range of voltages.

Another feature of air-conditioning repair and multimeters is taking amp load measurements. Reading the amp load of the motor such as a condensing fan motor can only be done with a HVAC multimeter.

This category is for information about multimeters and the heating cooling HVAC industry.

What is the Best HVAC Multimeter?

Having a good multimeter when working in the HVAC field is a must-have tool. Basic meters can read AC and DC voltages with a few other features but an HVAC meter needs to do much more. For example, an Amp Clamp to quickly read amps that are being pulled by a motor or compressor is… Read More »

Our Picks for Best Amp Clamp Multimeter for HVAC

Having a multi-meter with an amp clamp when troubleshooting an HVAC system is ideal when needing quick amp load readings. There are many good HVAC amp clamp multimeters available with our favorite picks below. What is an Amp Clamp Multimeter? An amp clamp can measure the current flowing to a device which is measured in… Read More »